Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Turning On – How To Fix This Problem?

Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Turning On

Bluetooth, as a standard for wireless communication, allows electronic devices to connect and interact. One of its most common uses is to connect smartphones to wireless speakers or headphones. Bluetooth is great for wireless connectivity.  However, Bluetooth sometimes does not work due to some technical issues. These technical issues can cause many problems, such as turning on Bluetooth automatically.

What happens when it starts misbehaving, turning on automatically, trying to pair with any device nearby? How do you end it to regain control of your device (s) and all the data stored on it? On Android devices, there are a number of settings that can be hijacked to turn on your device’s Bluetooth automatically. This article will show you why your Bluetooth is turned on on Android devices. You will also learn how to fix the problem whether you are using an Android device.

Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Turning On:

Below are some of the standard reasons why your Android Bluetooth keeps turning on:

  • Bluetooth Scanning is Misbehaving
  • Third-party Apps
  • System Problem

1. Bluetooth Scanning is Misbehaving:

Bluetooth scanning is a feature that allows services and apps to scan for nearby devices. It works even when Bluetooth is off. When this feature malfunctions, it will automatically turn on your Bluetooth.

2. Third-party Apps:

Third-party applications can turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone. If you allow apps to change system settings, an app that works with Bluetooth will turn on Bluetooth when you use the application.

3. System Problem:

One other likely reason why your Android supports turning Bluetooth on is a software issue. So many updates, for example, can generate your phones to misbehave. It can cause Bluetooth to keep turning on.

How to Fix Bluetooth That Keeps Turning On:

Now you know some of the reasons why your Android Bluetooth is online. Read on to notice how you can solve problems.

1. Disable Bluetooth Scanning:

Bluetooth scanning is set by default on most Android phones. This feature can turn on your Bluetooth. Therefore, you can resolve this by disabling the part. You can disable Bluetooth scanning using any of the below procedures.

Method 1:

  • Navigate to Settings from your Apps menu
  • Go to Security & Location
  • Tap Location
  • Select Scanning
  • Disable Bluetooth scanning from the following page

    Method 2:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap connected devices
  • Tap Bluetooth
  • Tap scanning settings
  • Disable Bluetooth scanning from the following page

2. Disallow App Permissions:

You already know that third-party apps can turn on Bluetooth because they have permission to change system settings. If your Bluetooth is turned on after disabling Bluetooth scanning, the next solution is to disable the app permissions.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to Settings
  • Check through the apps for recent apps or frequently used apps
  • Check the permissions for each application to find out which application has the Bluetooth license.
  • Turn off Bluetooth permission.
    Alternatively, you can reset all network settings and app preferences on your phone by default. Then restart your phone and look for apps that ask for Bluetooth permissions.

3. Run a system update:

If your Bluetooth is still online, you should check for an available system update. This could be software or app updates. Update your operating system to the latest version of the OS. Also, update your apps to the latest versions.

4. Turn off Bluetooth Scanning in Location Services:

Android, like all mobile operating systems, uses location data for many services. Beyond the device, many apps are location-aware so you can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to get location data. If you find that Bluetooth is constantly turned on automatically, it could be the location settings.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on location
  • Select “Location Services”.
  • Turn off “Bluetooth scanning”.

Wi-Fi scanning and Bluetooth scanning can be enabled to improve accuracy. You can turn Bluetooth on or off here to use Wi-Fi scanning instead. If you never want to use Bluetooth for location accuracy, turn off the “Improve Location Accuracy” and tap on the “Google Location Accuracy” function. When Google’s location accuracy is disabled, any location services use GPS instead of Bluetooth to collect location data.

5. Reset network settings:

Consider this a last resort because it resets your Wi-Fi settings, mobile data, and Bluetooth connections. There are no individual reset options on Android.

You can reset all of your network settings or do nothing.

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Tap on “General Management”
  • Select “Reset”
  • Click “Reset network settings”.

Dual-SIM phones need to repeat this step to reset the network settings on both the SIM cards. After resetting the network settings, the previously paired devices need to be paired to establish a connection. Without a connection, Bluetooth will not turn on automatically.

6. Configure Google Assistant on Android Devices:

Like Android Auto, Google Assistant keeps device settings intact and can auto-connect after the first pairing.

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Select “Google”
  • Tap on “Settings for Google Apps”
  • Select “Search, Assistant & Voice”
  • Scroll down and select “Google Assistant”
  • Select “Devices” Any attached device will appear here when you sign in to your Google Account. Review devices and remove items you do not use. You will be notified about any attempt to add Bluetooth instead of Bluetooth auto-loading based on previously set permissions, without having to register Bluetooth devices in your Google Account.


When your Bluetooth has turned on automatically, it affects your phone. This reduces the battery life of the phone along with other effects. But solving this problem is usually not difficult. You can do this yourself by following this guide properly. Hopefully, you will find a solution to the problem permanently from the list above.

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