Top 5 Drone Backpacks That You Can Buy In 2019 – Best Buying Guide

Top 5 Drone Backpacks

Nowadays the craze for drones is increasing rapidly. Whereas, drones are the one that allows you to take a shot from a higher range. Though, they are very expensive and are highly sensitive it must be kept properly and safely. After buying the drone the next important thing to invest in is protecting bags. There are many options available for a drone from a high price range to a low price range.

If you are buying a drone you have to research about the drone bags and go for the best bags. Most of the people don’t know much about drone bags and end up buying the wrong product at the wrong price. In this article, you will find details about the top 5 drone backpacks which you can buy in 2019 if you are buying a drone. Also, if you are planning to buy any of these backpacks then you will find our buying guide which comes in handy while buying.

List Of Top 5 Drone backpacks

1. Manfrotto MB BP-D1

Manfrotto MB BP-D1 is one of the best drone backpacks in which you can keep both drones and DSLR. It is made from a Nylon, RipStop, Synthetic Fabric material for long life running. The external size of the backpack is 22″x13.4″x9″. In this backpack, you can carry all types of DJI phantom series drone and a DSLR with an extra lens.

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2. Lowepro ViewPoint BP250 – A Multi-Purpose Backpack

The Lowepro ViewPoint BP 250 AW can fit 1-3 GoPro (or similar) action video cameras, compact tripod, headphones, up to a 15″ laptop, up to a 10″ tablet, smartphone, wallet, keys and extra essentials. This backpack has two different compartments upper and lower in which you can keep both your DSLR camera and a Drone.

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3. PolarPro DroneTrekker Backpack

PolarPro DroneTrekker Backpack has ample storage to fit-drone, remote, DSLR camera, extra DSLR lens, multiple batteries, filters, laptop, tablet, Extra props, landing gear, 2 (32ounce) water bottles, and many more. The external dimension of the polar pro backpack is 14 x 10 x 16 inches. The backpack fits DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3, DJI Mavic, GoPro, and many other compact drones also it has an easy access 15-inch laptop and tablet pocket.

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4. Lykus DBP-100U Water Resistant Travel Backpack

Lykus DBP-100U is compatible with Phantom 4, Pro, Advanced Phantom 3 Standard, Professional, Advanced, and 4K Phantom 2 Other similar-sized drones. Also, it is light, durable, and water-resistant; Size is good for carry-on measurements. The backpack size is (30 cm) in length or 10 inches (26 cm) in width. In fact, the divided compartments hold 4 extra batteries,4 sets of propellers, controller, tablet, etc.

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5. Smatree Phantom 4 Backpack

Smatree Phantom 4 Backpack has a large main compartment that holds and protects Phantom 4 with an original styrofoam case. Also, it has a pocket on the backside of the main compartment that leaves enough interior space for carrying a tablet (up to 9.7″ iPad Air 2) or other mobile devices to sync with the Phantom 4 remote control. Whereas, it has an upper special compartment with its adjustable cells that can load 4pcs batteries or be adjusted to fit your accessories.

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