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It hasn’t been a long time since Intel released the 17-qubit superconducting chip for the Quantum Computing platform. However, in this CES 2018 Intel has announced a 49-qubit Chip with a similar architecture, but for bigger purposes.

Intel calls this new chip the “Tangle Lake” which refers to a chain of lakes in Alaska. Intel says that the achievement of a 49-qubit chip was important because it will allow researchers to access & improve Error Connections Techniques & Simulate Computational Problems.

Intel Announced A 49-qubit Test Chip For The Quantum Computing Platform At CES 2018

The CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich predicted that Quantum Computing will solve problems that today might take the best Supercomputers months or years to resolve, such as Drug Development, Financial Modeling and Climate Forecasting.

“In the quest to deliver a commercially viable quantum computing system, it’s anyone’s game,” said Mike Mayberry, corporate vice president and managing director of Intel Labs. “We expect it will be five to seven years before the industry gets to tackling engineering-scale problems, and it will likely require 1 million or more qubits to achieve commercial relevance.”

Intel also showcased another Neuromorphic Research Chip that carries the Codename “Loihi“.

Intel Announced A 49-qubit Test Chip For The Quantum Computing Platform At CES 2018

As you would expect, this Chip empowers the potential of AI. According to Intel, these chips can enable Smarter Security Cameras and Smart-city Infrastructure designed for Real-time Communication with Autonomous Vehicles.

Intel is planning to share the Loihi test chip with leading Research Institutions & Universities in the First Half of 2018 while putting it to more applications of complex data sets & problems.

Source: Intel