How to Fix System UI is Not Responding Error On Android – Seven Quick Solutions In 2022

System UI is Not Responding

This can be very frustrating when your device freezes and stops responding unexpectedly to the touch of your fingers. Android is vulnerable to many bugs and glitches, which often restrict users from using their smartphones or tablet devices too much. “System UI is down,” or “System UI is not responding” is a common Android problem that every Android user encounters at some point.

This error usually refers to an error when a piece of hardware could not send enough information/data to the app to work. This will prevent your smartphone from running smoothly and spoil the overall experience. If your Android phone system UI is unresponsive and you do not know what to do, do not worry. Fortunately, the Android system UI unresponsive issue can be resolved quickly with a few simple fixes.

Solutions To Fix System UI is Not Responding Error On Android:

  • Restart Your Android Device
  • Clear Google App Cache
  • Update System and Play Store Apps
  • Make a System Software Update
  • Reset App Preferences
  • Free Up Some Space From Your Phone
  • Do Factory Reset

1. Restart Your Android Device:

Restart Your Android Device

When you see an error message in the Android process system, the first thing you need to do is reboot your device. You must press the power button until you see the reboot option. Click on the option and the phone will reboot automatically. If this process does not solve your problem you can do the process. The volume and power button should be held at the same time. If the screen is dark, wait a few seconds for the device to start, and then press the power button. If the error still occurs, proceed to the next path.

2. Clear Google App Cache:

Clear Google App Cache

Caching data from Google Apps such as Google Play Store, System UI, and Play Services improves smartphone memory load, which can cause application performance to slow down or malfunction. Clearing the app cache can fix a system interface error. Access your phone settings and go to “Storage”. Press the “Internal Storage” button.

To continue clicking on “Apps”, click the “Show System” button on the three icons on the right side of the screen. Swab the Apps and complete them with the “Clear Cache” choice. An additional option is to use caching apps such as Google Clean Master and Files to perform this function.

3. Update System and Play Store Apps:

Update System and Play Store Apps

This error may have occurred because the apps have not been updated for a long time. Many users have reported that updating apps on their devices has fixed the issue. By following the steps given, you can update the applications: –

  • Foremost, you must open the Play Store.
  • You must click the three-line menu button in the upper left corner of the Play Store. You must click on ‘My Apps & different Games in the drop-down menu.
  • You can now view a list of apps installed on your device. You can choose to update them all or update them one by one.
  • If this solution does not solve the Android process system problem, go to the next solution.

4. Make a System Software Update:

Make a System Software Update

It is also important to update your device’s software.  An update usually introduces new features and improvements to the software. However, it can also solve some complex hardware and software problems. Click on the ‘Settings’ option and select the ‘About Phone option. You can press the ‘Software Update’ option. Go to ‘Check for Updates to notice if any new updates are presently available.

You will see an update button at the top of the menu when you update. Click on that button to download the update. This process can take some time. Your phone will restart several times as the update continues. Now verify that the system user interface is not responding to an error. The problem will probably be solved, but if not, a solution will be found in the future.

5. Reset App Preferences:

Reset App Preferences


Again, personal data or files are not affected by this. However, your settings such as permissions, data limits, default apps, etc. will be reset to default values. Find out in detail what else is affected by resetting app preferences.

Here are the steps to reset app preferences:

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Apps.

Step 2: Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select Reset app preferences. Confirm on the next screen.

6. Free Up Some Space From Your Phone:

Free Up Some Space From Your Phone

As we mentioned above, insufficient storage is often the root cause of many technical errors. Although the latest Android devices subsequently come with large amounts of storage space, unwanted files and applications can quickly fill that storage space, eventually affecting your device’s normal boot. To deal with the “System UI Crash” pop-up, you need to get rid of many issues on your phone to free up space and restore normal performance. It is recommended to have at least 1GB and free RAM to work smoothly.

7. Do Factory Reset:

Do Factory Reset

If no other solution works for you you can choose to reset to the factory option. Before starting this process you need to make sure that you have backed-up all your important data. You can now perform a factory reset after data backup. By following the steps given, you can perform a factory reset:

  • You must first open the ‘Settings’ option on your phone.
  • Scroll down on the ‘Settings’ option to select the ‘Backup and Reset option.
  • Choose the “Factory Data Reset” option and then just press on the “Reset Device”.
  • Then you must click ‘Erase Everything’ to clear your internal storage. You remove everything.
  • Then you need to select the reboot option that suits you.

Final Words:

The problem being discussed here is a common problem faced by the users of your Android device. Consumers are complaining that the system UI is not responding on their Android smartphones. The above solutions are the best solutions to the system interface problem and we hope you can solve this problem.

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