4 Advanced Ways to Fix Samsung Pass Not Working Issue in 2023[Latest]

Samsung Pass Not Working Issue

Samsung phones have excellent security features, including multiple types of passwords that can protect the device from unwanted access. The most advanced form of protection includes fingerprint checks, ensuring that only the owner can remove the lock. Biometric authentication for all purposes is handled by a specific app called Samsung Pass, which helps save time by allowing the user to log in to various accounts without having to type all the passwords. On the downside, in some cases, this software is less reliable than ideal.

If your Samsung Pass isn’t working properly, it won’t recognize your fingerprint and you’ll be denied access to the phone. While the Samsung Pass fingerprint not working is a serious problem, it can usually be fixed with simple steps that anyone can perform on their own. It’s worth trying those simple tricks before you think the phone is permanently locked and you start looking for professional help. So, if you are struggling with such errors and looking for solutions, this blog will surely help you.

1. Clear the app cache and data and force stop Samsung Pass:

Clear the app cache and data and force stop Samsung Pass

Almost all apps on your smartphone have folders that store various files. These files are automatically stored in the background. These are called ‘Cache’ and ‘App Data’. Stored files can get corrupted and the app may crash and freeze. These files should be deleted when they become corrupted. They can also be deleted to free up space and make your device run faster. Go to Settings on your device to clear these folders. Then select:

Select Apps > Samsung Pass app or search for ‘Samsung Pass’ > tap to open it > then tap Storage. From this menu at the bottom, there are two options ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’. Tap on each one in turn and tap ‘OK’ to clear it. Go back to one screen by pressing the back arrow from this menu. At the bottom, there is an option that says ‘Force Stop’, tap on it and tap on ‘OK’. This will completely close the Samsung Pass app.

2. Change the permissions in the settings on the Samsung Pass app:

Change the permissions in the settings on the Samsung Pass app

There are three features that require permissions to be set manually. They are:

Files and Media

They may not have been set up the first time. Samsung Pass functionality will not work if these are disabled. The place to access them is in Settings Go to Settings from your Samsung device’s home screen, then go to:

Select Apps > ‘Samsung Pass’ app or search for ‘Samsung Pass’ > tap to open it > then tap ‘Permissions’.

The three options listed above Camera, Files, Media, and Location will be shown on this screen. Tap on each of them individually and select ‘Always Allow’ from the new menu that opens. It is usually written differently for each of the three options. The main thing is, instead of ‘deny’ or ‘always ask’, set it to ‘always allow’ or whatever alternative option is the same thing.

3. Ensure you have a working Wi-Fi or data connection:

Ensure you have a working Wi-Fi or data connection

Samsung Pass requires an internet connection to work. It could be a Wi-Fi connection. Or, data connection via SIM card. Make sure your internet is working by opening a web browser on your phone and seeing if it goes to a web page that updates its content, such as Youtube.

Certain pages like Google or email may be cached and therefore open even if you don’t have internet access. If your Wi-Fi isn’t working, resetting your Wi-Fi connection usually does the trick. However, this article would be too long if I were to explain how to fix your internet connection. The bottom line is that Samsung Pass won’t work if your Samsung phone doesn’t have a working connection, so you’ll need to have the internet working on your phone first, which will work if Samsung Pass doesn’t. If you’re using a data connection with a SIM card, you’re likely to use up all the data. And even if it shows 3G or 4G, you don’t have any data allowance so it can’t send and receive internet traffic.

4. Close all background apps that are open:

Close all background apps that are open

As you know, apps stay open in the background when you press the home button or open another app. When they are open in the background they can freeze and cause problems with other apps. In general, this function works perfectly fine. But, if you have a problem with the Samsung Pass app not working then you need to close all apps that are open in the background.

It is very easy to do, here is a short video showing how to do it. Note that the video says for specific devices. However, from experience, it works for virtually all Samsung smartphones. If not, do a Google search for ‘how to close background apps on your device’.


Samsung Pass app is used by many users but it can land you in trouble many times. However, there is nothing to worry about as there are ways to get rid of it. In this article, I have discussed various ideas on how to fix Samsung Pass not working on Android phones. If you are looking for an advanced solution, go for an Android repair tool. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries, drop them in the comment section below.

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