How To Get The Best Deals On Your Favorite Products Online

Get The Best Deals

If you’re looking to get your favorite products online, well sure they’re available but, sometimes they cost too much. That’s when a good amount of discount can help. But, how to get the best deals on your favorite products while shopping online? Well, that’s what this article is about so, let’s get it started without wasting any more time.

How To Get The Best Deals On Your Favorite Products Online


Special Sales

You can get a great deal during special online sales. For example, during Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday, you can get some really great discounts that you can’t get normally. Look out for those. you can even get 50%-60% discounts or even more sometimes.

Bank Offers

Banks keep giving discount offers on online websites so, if you’re using their credit or debit cards, you can get a certain discount. These offers keep showing up so, look out for them.

Different Colors

This may sound a little weird but, if there are multiple colors available of a product, they may cost different too. Often the more popular colors cost more compared to the slightly unpopular ones. So, if you can make that slight compromise, you may get a better deal out of it.

So, those were the super simple but, super-effective tips on how to get the best deals on your favorite products. Was it helpful? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you want us to cover any other topic, here on BuyGadget, be sure to let us know about that as well.

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Best Video Streaming Services To Subscribe To In 2019

best video streaming services

When it comes to video streaming services, there are a lot of options to choose from. They are the digital gadgets of the new generation which allow us to blend into the digital world of entertainment. But which ones are the best video streaming services that you should subscribe to in 2019?  Well, we did the digging & here’s what we recommend.

Best Video Streaming Services – 2019 List

These are the best video streaming services that you should be considering in 2019,


Plans: $8.99 (Basic, SD), 12.99 (Standard, HD), 15.99 (Premium, HD & UHD)

Who doesn’t love Netflix? They have amazing original movies & web series of their own that are super popular. Alongside that, they also have the biggest library of TV shows & movies from all around the world. They’re available almost everywhere around the world excluding China, North Korea & some other countries. The US pricing starts at $8.99/month which gives access to the entire library but in SD. If you want HD, you have to go with the $12.99/month plan and if you have like a 4K TV or something, you can go with the $15.99 plan.

Amazon Prime Video

Plans: $8.99/month (Prime Video, HD), $12.99/month (Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Delivery & other Amazon Prime benefits), $119/year (Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Delivery & other Amazon Prime benefits)

The next best option would be Amazon Prime Video. Their library is not as big as Netflix but, they still have a lot of movies, TV, youtube mp3 & Originals to go with. the biggest advantage will be the Pricing here. Amazon Prime Video also starts at $8.99 per month but, in this case, you get HD support. Their $12.99/month plan includes Prime Video but, also includes all the other Amazon Prime services including Prime Music Prime Reading, Prime Delivery & more. Amazon also has a yearly plan ($119) which unfortunately Netflix doesn’t offer. So, if you want something other than Netflix at a more reasonable price or you also want to have music streaming in the same plan, you’re better off with Amazon Prime Video.

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Plans: $5.99 (Streaming, Limited Ads), $11.99 (Streaming, No ads), $44.99 (Streaming+TV, Limited Ads)

Hulu also has a great library, many movies, exclusive shows & originals. If you’re okay with a few ads then Hulu might be good for you. Their plans start at $5.99 with HD support which is the cheapest in the bunch. However, you’ll see a few ads then & now. If you want to remove the ads, you need to pay $11.99 instead which is still less than the Netflix Standard Pack by $1 but, Netflix does have a better library. So, it’s up to you if you want to save that $1 or not. They also have a $44.99/month plan that includes their streaming service & TV so, that might be a good value for some people. Also, in these plans, HBO, Starz, Cinemax, etc. are not included. If you want these you can add them to your plan as add-ons.


There is one streaming service that many of you might not be aware of but, it’s definitely great. So, we’re including it here,


Plans (US): $19.99/month (Premium, HD), $99.99/year (Premium, HD)

Plans (India): ₹365/year (VIP, HD), ₹999/year (Premium, HD)

If you’re here from India or you’re an Indian living in the US, Hotstar is probably the best option for you. It has a lot of Indian content including TV Shows, Movies & Originals. The movies & shows are from multiple languages so, you’ll probably find content in your regional language there. It also has a lot of English content including shows from HBO, Star World, The CW & a lot more, and also a lot of movies from big franchises including Disney plus account, Marvel Studios, Fox, Sony & a lot more. Their monthly plan costs $19.99 which is a bit too much but if you go for the $99.99 yearly plan that one’s kinda worth it.

That’s it. Let us know which streaming service did you end up subscribing to in the comment section below. In case you have any questions, please drop them in the comments section as well.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard Options That Are Comfortable To Use

Ergonomic Keyboards are all about productivity, efficiency & comfort. People looking for these keyboards know what they’re getting into & generally, these people are working professionals but, maybe not every one of them. Whatever the reason might be, if you are looking for the best ergonomic keyboard options, you’re in the right place. We have already done the research & listed down the top ergonomic keyboards for you.

Efficient & Comfy Ergonomic Keyboard Options

These are the top ergonomic keyboards that are quite comfortable & efficient. So, all of these are excellent for productivity but, you need to choose exactly what to need so, choose wisely. However, just to clear things up, all of these keyboards are wireless.

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is arguably one of the best options available right now. This is the best looking option we have here with the generic surface design language & the Alcantara fabric on the wrist rest. The keys are separated & the empty area is slightly lifted to give a more comfortable typing experience. It works on Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy & is compatible with all Windows computers. It’ll work with macOS but, there are pretty huge limitations so, we don’t recommend using it with a mac.

Buy the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard here

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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Many people don’t like the keystrokes & key travel of the Surface. They might prefer more traditional keys while keeping a similar design aspect. That’s exactly what the Sculpt does. It has more traditional keys & regular key travel which is perfect for the people I was talking about. It also has a separate number pad that you can use only if you need it. If you fall into that category of people, you may consider getting the Sculpt instead.

Buy the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard here

Logitech K800 Wireless Keyboard

If you don’t want an irregular design language but, still would love to have a comfy ergonomic keyboard, you can have a look at the K800 from Logitech. It’s a regular flat style keyboard with an added wrist rest area. The keystrokes feel good & it also lights up which can be controlled directly from the keyboard. If you’d like to have a flat keyboard instead, this is one of the best options to go with.

Buy the Logitech K800 here

Those were our top recommendations for the best ergonomic keyboards that are efficient, productive & comfortable. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, in case you’ll like recommendations for something else, don’t forget to mention that in your comment.

Best Small Video Camera Options For Vloggers And YouTubers

Looking for the best small video camera available in the market? You just came to the right place. We have the best options listed down just for you! Check out the list below & choose the one that is best for you.

The Best Small Video Camera Options

DJI Osmo Action

The DJI OSMO Action is at the top of our list for several reasons. It records up to 4K 60 fps, it can record in HDR, it can do slow-mo in 1080P at 240 frames per second, it has a rocksteady mode that does great stabilization. It also has a front display which is great for vloggers. The overall quality is superior in this one & it’s also waterproof up to 11 meters.  If you’re into small action cameras, this is the best option that you can get in the market.

Buy the DJI Osmo Action

GoPro Hero 7 Black

The GoPro Hero 7 Black does everything that the OSMO does but, it does not have the Front Display that shows the footage. Instead, it’s front display is monochrome & shows stats like video duration, battery percentage, etc. The stabilization is good but, arguably not as good as the OSMO. Also, it is waterproof up to 10 meters instead of 11 meters. If you can, get the OSMO but, if that isn’t available in your country, the Hero 7 Black still does an excellent job

Buy the GoPro Hero 7 Black

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Your Smartphone Camera

If you don’t have enough budget to buy the OSMO Action or the Hero 7 Black, it’s better that you don’t buy a cheaper action camera. Cheap options in this segment often turn out the be bad. So, instead, shoot with your smartphone cameras. Compared to cheaper action cameras, most of the smartphones shoot way better footage. So, just start with that.

That was our selection list for the best small video camera options for vloggers & YouTubers. If you want a recommendation list of something else, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below!


Best Earphones Under 1000 Rupees In 2019

best earphones under 1000

If you’re here looking for the best earphones under 1000 rupees that are worth the cost, you’re in the right place. Check out our recommendation list & choose the best one for you.

JBL T210

The JBL T210 is our top choice on the list. It has 8.7 mm drivers, good bass, good noise cancellation, a fair balance of the Highs, Mids & Lows. It has flat cables so, there is no annoyance of tangled wires or anything like that. It’s made out of plastic but, doesn’t feel super cheap or something. People who prefer good bass, will probably like this one within this segment. The JBL T210 is currently available for 999 rupees so, it’s literally sitting at the maxed out budget.

Buy the JBL T210

1More Piston Fit

The 1More Piston Fit is slightly cheaper but almost as good as the T210. It has slightly better balance in the Highs, Mids & Lows and it also has slightly clearer vocals as well. Though, we must mention that the Highs weren’t the best in our experience. The bass is arguably not as good as the T210 but, it can still produce a good amount of that. It is mostly built from metal so, the build quality is best of the bunch. The 1MORE Piston Fit is currently available for 799 rupees.

Buy the 1MORE Piston Fit

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Mi Wired Headset

The Mi Wired Headset is kinda like a mixed bag here. It is the lowest we have gone as far the price goes but, it still does a lot. It has a decent amount of base going on with okay level vocals and kinda less balanced Highs, Mids & Lows. It also has a build quality that kinda feels cheap. But, for its price, it’s actually a pretty good deal. The audio experience as a whole is actually not that bad. The Mi Wired Headset is currently available for 699 rupees.

Buy the Mi Wired Headset 


Best Gadgets For your Parents – You Should Buy these Gadgets for your Parents

Best Gadgets For your Parents

It is difficult being a parent, no matter what time you live. While there is more possible analysis now than there was even 20 years ago, technological advancement makes our lives easier. There are lots of cool gadgets for your parents that you can get which can make their life easy and less stressful. In this article, you will find Best Gadgets For your Parents.


1. Security Cameras

It is one of the Most important and useful gadgets that you should have in your house. Whereas, they record if anything dangerous happens. You will have a piece of mind to see anything happening in the house you can see it by just opening the app.

2. Smart Robots

Smart Robots can be the best gadgets that you can give to your parents. The Smart Robots come in every size depending upon what purpose you are buying. Smart Robots can help older parents by monitoring their health condition if any things happen suddenly the Smart Robots can send a message to the registered phone number or Email about the current condition. It is also capable of controlling IOT (Internet Of Things) gadgets, for example, switching ON/OFF lights and fans or closing or opening the doors which are IOT enabled.

3. Smartwatches and fitness band

Smartwatches and fitness bands can help your parents by showing the time, heath, weather, news, and many more. Fitness band and Smartwatches can one of the best gadgets that you can give to your parents. Apple watch is always in the lead on fitness Smartwatches. The newly Apple Watch Series 3 launched with improved heart-rate tracking and is faster as compared to other smartwatches, but similar in function to the swim-ready GPS-equipped Series 2. The Smartwatches are GPS enabled which you can track anytime and anywhere. These smartwatches are lightweight and feature large icons, an analog watch face, a comfortable, adjustable band, and the capacity to read long messages, calendar alerts, the date or time.

The above mentioned are some of the top geek gadgets that you can gift to your parents. If you have some special request, you can let us know in the comment below. We will make sure that we will help you in the right way.


What is the cost per conversion?

When you run Pay per Click advertisement, it becomes easy to measure the clicks your ads have generated, your average CPC, and total spend on any of your given campaign. Conversion tracking enables you to see how many of those clicks lead to conversions. You can divide your total spend by the number of conversions using this information to see how much each new lead costs you.

In Google Ads, you can find it under the “Cost/converted click” column.

Now being in the Cost per conversion domain, following are the three techniques you should know but understand how Google Ad Budget works:

Google Ad Budget:

The budget depends on your industry and the average value of the sale. You can actually determine for yourself whether or not your cost per conversion is reasonable. If the top company sells $20 shoes, a $45.78 Cost per Click signified a serious loss. But if you are an ads contractor and your work is to sign projects of thousands of dollars, then $45 may seem like a negligible amount to pay in order to get a qualified lead.

Pause Your Low Converting Keywords and Review High-Converting Keywords:

If you are new to Pay per Click or an old buff, you should add it in your priority to review your keywords on a regular basis. Although there is a penalty of information about each keyword so you should check first which keywords are generating conversions and which ones are not.

Once you have successfully identified low-converting keywords in your campaign, examine their total number of clicks. If a keyword has only generated 4 conversions than you may consider pausing it. But to begin with, if it only received 10 clicks, that means a 50% conversion rate, which means that the keyword is actually worth keeping in your campaign.

On the contrary, if there is a keyword that has so far only generated 2 conversions out of 2,000 clicks than pausing it will certainly benefit your campaign.

After you have paused the keywords that are not generating reasonable results for your business, there comes some room in the budget to invest in the keywords that are. Using “Search terms” is one of the best ways to do it. This is like using the tab to learn more about how customers are finding your ads and what search terms they are using to get to you.

You will then have a list of the long-tail keywords used by users to get to your ad and converting. Adding these keywords to your campaign can turn into a great opportunity to target leads at an even lower cost.


Negative keywords act as a shield to prevent you from targeting users most unlikely to become your customers, and every Pay per Click campaign needs to have it. If you don’t have any negative keywords in your campaigns then the best can be to add a few basic negative keywords as quickly as you can.

Beyond the basics of every campaign, you need to consider what you are and are not offering in order to find the right keywords for a better sale. For instance, if your business is an e-commerce store that sells women’s bags, you may choose to exclude users searching for “men’s shirts” or certain brand names that you do not count in your field.


Your conversion rate varies if your landing page is not optimized properly. It is important for you to know what a visitor sees when they click on your Pay Per Click Ads? If you run an e-commerce site, then your landing page should be a product or a category page. If you run a Business to Business company, then your landing pages must contain information about your services or some contact details.

Each of your ads must direct users to a landing page, relevant to their search query and your ad copy while directing them the next step they should take to qualify themselves as customers. If you are directing them to your homepage or some irrelevant content, they will have no other way of converting than. That means your Pay per Click budget will be wasted, even if users had intentions of making a purchase.

PPCexpo Visualize the Wrong Google Ads Spend in Interactive Charts

Nowadays many people are wrong google ads spend so no more. PPCexpo is going to be very easy to judge where were you falling in the last google ads then again you will prepare and go for optimal ads.

How to pick the best Hoverboard under $100?

How to pick the best Hoverboard under $100Now a day’s hoverboards are becoming popular among kids. Every child wants to enjoy riding with one of the best-featured hoverboards. The top two wheels scooter available in the market is costly. If you want to balance a budget by purchasing very cheap hoverboards under $100 then in this article “How to pick the best Hoverboard under $100”, our discussions will ease your dilemma

You can only buy the cheap hoverboard under $100 in bulk on wholesale rates. But if you want only one piece for you then it might be difficult for you to get it. A sturdy UL certified hoverboard with all other inbuilt features costs under $200 and $300, the hoverboards of renowned companies like Razor, Swagtron, and others. These hoverboards are bit expensive but are durable and best in quality material. These best hoverboards also have a warranty of one year given by the manufacturer.

Now the competition is on peek. Many companies in the market are manufacturing the hoverboards at very cheap rates under $100. But the hitch is that these hoverboards are in low quality as compared to high brands and also these hoverboards are not durable or even UL certified.

If you are buying the hoverboards in bulk at wholesale prices then you can check the online Chinese wholesale markets like Amazon, Alibaba and so on. But before buying the product, genuinely check the reviews of the company as well as the quality of the product. Of course, you don’t want to waste heavy money on the cheap products to get stack in short time.

How to pick the best Hoverboard under $100?

There are two options to buy standardized hoverboard at cheap rates which are safe as well as secure for your kids.

The first option is to wait for the holiday’s sale. You can get the expensive hoverboard in sale rates on different sites. Such as Amazon

The second option is to buy a used hoverboard of renowned companies. The used hoverboards that are recertified and refurbished.

The second option is really not recommended because it lacks safety measures and can catch fire or overcharged or can get any fault.

Do the cheap hoverboards with superior performance exist in the market?

Due to the increasing demand of the hoverboards, many companies in the market are manufacturing cheap hoverboards that are low in quality than the best-known scooters in the market.

These two wheel scooters are low in quality and also have an insubstantial body frame. They also do not have some cool features as compared to the reputed brands. These hoverboards are also low in specifications as compared to high rated brands.

The Surfus and the Kingsport’s companies are manufacturing the hoverboards that are under $100.The hoverboard of Surfus Company has the best handling technology and some features of the expensive hoverboards but still, the hoverboards can’t bear heavy weights and they are mostly mini boards practically applicable for kids only.

The king Sports hoverboard is UL certified and is suitable for both kids and adults. It has riding manual. Kids can easily learn to ride this portable device. But it is devoid of the basic riding qualities and some other features like that of expensive hoverboards.

Although these new cheap hoverboards are UL Certified and have a smooth ride, few matching specifications of the renowned hoverboards, still they are unable to meet the high superiority standard. Also, these cheap hoverboards are not as much durable as the luxury brands under $200 or $300.

Which one is the best?

According to the new safety requirements placed in the USA in 2016, the inferior hoverboard under $100 is not safe for the kids to ride. The safest model you can get in the market is under $200. So be a little flexible with the budget and spend your money to get the hoverboard that is at least safe for your kid’s growth and has a wide range of specifications and features for a superb and pleasant ride.

Wrapping Up:

Figuring out the best hoverboard under $100 is quite tricky. But I am sure after going through this guide “How to pick the best Hoverboard under $100”, you can grab the best quality hoverboard under $100. Still, if you need more help, check out the top 5 best hoverboards under $100. And grab the one with superior quality performance.

If you have any other query about selecting the right Hoverboard, then let us know in the comment below. Also, follow us to get more geek guide on these models.

A Step by Step DIY Guide to How To Build TV Lift By Yourself?

Automation gradually becomes an ordinary part of an everyday human life. In the past, automatic technologies could only be spotted on plants and factories. Today, automated devices are employed for most various domestic purposes. The particular case is convenient TV lifts. And if a few years ago it would have taken a good penny to buy the lift, now, an amateur may as well build one manually with pretty reasonable expenses. Do you want to find out how to construct a TV lift individually? We’ll describe the process in a nutshell in this article ‘How To Build TV Lift By Yourself?’

How To Build TV Lift By Yourself?
How To Build TV Lift By Yourself?

What parts will we need to Build TV Lift?

Our future TV lift will consist of the following individual parts:

  • linear actuator
  • adapter with a remote control;
  • wires;
  • mounting brackets;
  • floor cabinet without drawers (i.e. the one with the doors only);
  • an elongated hinge.

Additionally, you’ll need a saw as well as a set of tools for fixation of screws and bolts.

Let’s get to work!

How To Build TV Lift By Yourself - Living Room



Following is a step-by-step tutorial on the general individual construction of a custom TV lift.

Step #1: Prepare the cabinet for the TV lift installation

There are two ways to prepare the cabinet: get a cabinet with a lift-up lid at once (like on the picture) or construct such a lid yourself. In the latter case, you will need to first measure width and thickness of your TV panel. Next, you will need to cut out a sufficient space in the upper panel for a TV to fit when rising. You can attach the cut-out lid to the base with screws and an elongated hinge. In order for it to not flap down every time it is not supported by anything, make a small wooden piece that would keep the lid in the horizontal position.

Step #2: Install a stand

According to practice, the most reliable way to attach the lift’s ‘leg’ to the base are mounting brackets. In this case, you must fix them to the back side of the cabinet with the help of screws. It’s important to make sure that the brackets are able to hold the weight of a TV.

Step #3: Connect the actuator to the TV and then the network

Now, it’s time to connect and enable the performance of a linear actuator with the help of an adapter (we believe that an adapter with remote control is the best option for our case). It’s crucial to watch wires (You shouldn’t bend them too much or chafe with other parts of the construction). Now, we can install a TV onto the stand.

Step #4: Put the cabinet together

You had to pick apart the cabinet to assemble all the previous parts. Now it’s time to put everything back in place – with a lifting construction inside.

Step #5: Test the construction

That’s it, the automated TV lift is ready! You can test it out immediately. Usually, it takes about 30 seconds for a linear actuator to lift a TV from the bottom to top.

Want to see a more detailed tutorial? Welcome to our YouTube, where you will find a bunch of tutorials and guides on creating TV lifts (12).


How To Build TV Lift By Yourself - Auto Lift

As you can see, the construction of a TV lift with your own hands isn’t a difficult task. Be sure to pick a reasonably priced yet reliable linear actuator, which would support the weight of your TV and feature sturdy mountings. Come and take a look at actuatorzone, there’s a wide range of high-quality products.