How to Make Nox Player Run Faster If Slow – Here’s The Simple Methods in 2023

Nox Player Run Faster

Nox Android Emulator or App Player is software that allows you to run Android programs on your notebook, Windows tablet, or desktop computer. It is a virtual device that has its own virtual CPU and RAM shared with the host computer. Some programs and games demand memory to run smoothly, Nox android app player also allows you to adjust the RAM capacity of your Android emulator.

If you are using the Nox emulator and it is running slow and taking a long time to load then you can follow these simple steps to run the Nox Player app faster. So you’re playing games on Nox Player Android Emulator and suddenly they all start lagging. Don’t worry, lags are normal in computer software, no matter how fast the manufacturer claims. The same goes for Nox Player, one of the fastest Android emulators on the internet. In this article, we are going to talk about how to make Nox Player run faster.

Steps to Fix Nox Player Run Faster If Slow:

  • Clean Up Disk Space
  • Allocated More Memory and Processor
  • Close All Other Programs
  • Enable Virtual Technology
  • Update Nox Player
  • Update Graphics Driver
  • Set High Priority for NoxPlayer in Task Manager

1. Clean Up Disk Space:

Clean Up Disk Space

Well, cleaning up disk space can improve speed and eliminate any lags you may be experiencing. Here’s how you can clean up disk space:

  • You need to open Nox Player
  • Tap on ‘Mul-Disk’ from the toolbar
  • Then select the instance you want to clean
  • Tap on the Clean Up button from the Operate column
  • You can also do this through System Settings whenever Nox Player is running

    2. Allocated More Memory and Processor:

Allocated More Memory and Processor

Consider it an alternative to virtual technology. You can also improve the speed by allocating more RAM and CPU cores to Nox Player. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Launch Nox Player
  • Click on Settings in the top-right corner
  • Click Performance Settings
  • Here you can increase RAM and CPU cores
  • Click Save Settings

Make sure your computer has enough memory and cores to dedicate a portion of it to Nox Player. For example, if you have a total of 16 GB of RAM, you can allocate up to 8 GB of RAM, leaving half for other programs.

3. Close All Other Programs:

Close All Other Programs

Other third-party programs may cause lag in Nox Player even if your laptop has enough RAM and CPU power. The more apps you have running, the more memory they eat up, leaving less for the emulator. Go to the task manager and close all unnecessary programs. These usually appear at the top of the list. Some background programs may also be unnecessary, so look for those that are consuming too much memory.

4. Enable Virtual Technology:

Enable Virtual Technology

Virtual technology or VT is available with most of your PC today. This feature can significantly improve the speed of a single-handed Nox player. You can find out if it is enabled through the task manager.

You also need to find out if your machine allows virtualization. The easiest way to do that is to download third-party software that scans your system to detect if VT is allowed. If it does, you can enable it through the BIOS.

5. Update Nox Player:

Update Nox Player

If you haven’t updated Nox Player in a while, it’s time to upgrade. Generally, upgrading also improves speed. If you think your PC has no problem and is not causing any lags, maybe it is the emulator.

Go to the official website of Nox Player and see if they have released a new version. If they have, download it and replace the old version. You may want to save your game’s progress. You can back up your data on your disk and restore it later.

6. Update Graphics Driver:

Update Graphics Driver

Your graphics driver must be up to date. Heavy graphics of some games may cause screen lags. You can manually search for a new driver for your specific graphics card or do it through Windows Update.

You can also use third-party software to search for the latest graphic card driver. However, Windows Updates is the most reliable option as you don’t need to update manually in the future either.

7. Set High Priority for NoxPlayer in Task Manager:

Set High Priority for NoxPlayer in Task Manager

The operating system sets the usage resources like memory, CPU, etc. for all the programs running in the background of your system. Mostly, it is assigned to “Normal” mode. You can increase the performance of NoxPlayer by changing the priority of the Nox emulator to “high” mode in the task manager. This option allows the operating system to load more resources for the Nox emulator.

To change the Nox emulator priority in Task Manager, press “CTRL + SHIFT + ESC” to open Task Manager and go to the “Details” section. In the Details section, search for Nox Emulator. Change the priority by right-clicking on the Nox Emulator process, going to “Set Priority” and selecting “High” mode. Don’t run many other backgrounds like video player etc as it may delay due to fewer resources available for the process.


Nox Player is a very stable Android emulator and works well with most PCs. If you have a powerful gaming machine, to begin with, you won’t often have lag issues if you want to try a different emulator There are many best Android emulators for Windows and MAC and you can also enjoy gaming on Nox Player. A simple PC. However, lags can occur for any number of reasons. If the methods presented above are slow then Nox Player should run faster.

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