If Your LG Tv Not Turn On Problem – Follow These Steps To Fix In 2022

LG Tv Not Turn On Problem

Whether it’s reasonable nano cell models or beautiful-looking OLED TVs, LG televisions are always on top. However, like other electronics, they can create some problems. Some users are particularly concerned that the LG TV will not turn on. Do not be afraid! This is unfortunate, but sometimes we can not turn on our LG TV no matter what. Whether you’re trying to turn on the power after unplugging it or you’re just wanting to watch the game and are frustrated that your TV is not cooperating.

There are many reasons why your LG TV may not turn on and there are ways to fix them if you know what to look for. We have compiled a list of the most common reasons why this can happen to help you reduce the problem and fix it quickly so that you can watch your favorite movies, serials, and popular shows again.

Steps To Fix LG TV Not Turning On:

  • Unplug your LG smart TV from the wall socket, and then wait for 60 sec.
  • Remove batteries from LG remote.
  • Check your smart TV is on the right input source.
  • Factory reset your LG smart TV.
  • Maybe your TV’s backlight is damaged.
  • Check Your TV’s motherboard.

1. Unplug Your LG TV From The Wall:

It may seem simple. But the most common way to get your LG’s best Smart TV back is to unplug it from the wall socket. Wait at least 60 seconds after unplugging. Before plugging it back in, be patient and make sure it has been at least a minute. Find and press the power button for 30 seconds when your LG TV is unplugged. Make sure you press the power button on your TV rather than the remote!

Unplug Your LG TV From The Wall

This helps to remove the remaining power from the TV and allows it to be soft reset. It’s not like turning the remote on and off! After 60 seconds, plug the TV back in and it should turn on the power without any error. If your LG TV still does not turn on, try the solutions listed below.

2. Remove batteries from LG remote:

If you are unable to turn on the TV with the remote, the batteries may need to be replaced or the buttons may be jammed. You can test it without using the button on the TV. If the TV is still on when you press this button, the problem is with the remote. If you have new batteries and suspect that the buttons are stuck you can remove the batteries and reset the remote by pressing each button at least once. This allows you to remove any remaining power to reset the remote.

Remove batteries from LG remote

If disconnecting your LG TV from the wall does not work, remove the batteries from your remote. Make sure the two batteries on the remote are completely removed. Control the power button on the remote for 30 seconds after emptying the batteries. Repeat this time for a total of 30 seconds! Replace the batteries on the remote and try turning on the LG TV after a total of 30 seconds. It must be turned on again.

3. Select the Correct Input Source:

Select the Correct Input Source

An incorrect input source may indicate that your LG TV is not turned on. For your TV to work properly, you must select the correct input source. So whether you are using a streaming device, a DVD player, or a cable box, make sure your TV source/input matches the number of HDMI ports you are using.

4. Perform a factory reset on your LG TV:

Factory reset removes all downloaded content as well as any saved configurations. However, this method is highly effective in removing software-related errors from your LG Smart TV. Observe the ways below to reset your LG TV.

Perform a factory reset on your LG TV

To do so, first, locate your TV power button. Depending on the model you have, it can be right, left, or far below your TV. When the TV is on, hold down the power button for about 10 seconds. If this does not work, use the joystick panel control on the TV to reset to Menu> All Settings> General> Startup Settings.

5. Maybe your TV’s backlight is damaged:

If nothing else works your LG TV backlight may break. To see if this happens, turn on your TV, and then hold the flashlight and bring it very close to the screen.

Maybe your TV’s backlight is damaged


When you flash the light, look closely to see if there is an image on the screen. If you see a picture that is too dim, your TV backlight is damaged and will need to be replaced.

6. Check Your TV’s motherboard:

Maybe your TV’s backlight is damaged

If any of the above methods fail and your LG TV still does not turn on, the circuit board on the TV will be badly damaged. This problem is often caused by faulty capacitors. If your television is still under warranty, you can ask for a replacement or repair or you can try to get your own replacement circuit board.


LG TVs can be a choice when it comes to power. If your LG TV does not turn on, try the above steps in the above order. We did our part to explain why your LG TV does not turn on and what you can do to fix it. We hope this helps you to resolve this issue.


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