How To Make A Proper Vlogging Studio – Best Buying Guide

Make A Proper Vlogging Studio

Vlogging is the best way to share your experience and grow a large number of audience. Also, you can sare your vlog on YouTube where you can share your ideas and get a large no. of subscribers. Making a vlog is the easy part but choosing the right equipment for the studio is the difficult part. At the start, you can shoot vlog in a smartphone but after some time you have to buy some better equipment which can attract more audience. In this article, you will find a buying guide and details about how to make a proper vlogging studio.

List of equipment to make a proper vlogging studio

1. Camera

If you are a beginner and starting to make a vlog then you can start with your smartphone. If you want to shoot a vlog from your desk then you can shoot it with a webcam. But this will not give you the best result. To get more details and clarity and want to attract the audience then you should go for the DSLR camera with a tripod which will give you the best result.

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2. Lighting

lighting is everything to the vlog so light up your studio as much as possible. You can also shoot in outdoor in the sunlight but you can’t be able to shoot at night. Also, you have to wait for the peak time to get the best result. Most of the viewers attract by the lighting and the quality of the video. so it is better to buy a studio light that should be pointed at you.

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3. Audio

Audio is the main part of the vlog because no one will watch your video when they don’t understand what you are telling. So it is important to choose a nice location where there will be no noise or a room where the noise will not disturb your video. is better to buy a good noise-canceling microphone which will give the best quality of your audio as well as cancels the outside noises.

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4. Background

Avoid shooting in a place where the background is untidy. These kinds of backgrounds create a negative impact on viewers. So, clean up your untidy things and shoot in the background like captivating and colorful. If you don’t have a studio then get to the gallery walls or got to the park where there is no disturbance.

5. Tripod

After choosing your camera, you should get a tripod to stabilize your video while shooting. The right tripod for you depends on the camera you are using. If you don’t have a budget to buy you can place your camera on a shelf or the book racks. Also, tripods don’t cost you that much money.

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