How To Make A Complete Recording Studio Under $150 – Buying Guide

Recording Studio Under $150

Firstly, building a home studio is one of the smartest investments you can make as an upcoming artist. In fact, there are tons of artists who don’t have a home studio to practicing their craft which they are going to perform in a professional studio. Most people end up purchasing the wrong equipment at a high price. Here we have researched some of the equipment and tools for the home studio which you will find under $150. This article is for those who want to capture good quality recordings of themselves on their computers. In this article, you will find details about how to make a recording studio under $150.

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List Of Equipment TO Make A Complete Recording Studio Under $150

1. Microphone

Among the most terrible mics, a condenser mic is one of the few that actually delivers on its promises. If you want to record a better and high-quality sound then you should buy a condenser microphone which provides output according to your expectations. Our best recommendation for the microphone is Behringer C-1 Professional Large-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone.

2. Audio Interface

Audio interfaces are great if you need more power for condenser microphones. It also allows you to connect multiple headphone outputs so you and another person you’re recording can both hear everything while recording. If you want to record high-quality vocal then the audio interface is a good option. Our Recommendation for Best Audio Interface is BEHRINGER Audio Interface, USB, Black, 1-Channel (UM2)

3. Head Phones

In a home studio, you’re also going to need a decent pair of headphones so you can actually hear what you’re doing. Many people want the cheapest pair of high-quality headphones on the market available in the market. If you don’t already have a proper pair of headphones then here are our best recommendations for studio headphones, check out Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones.

4. Pop Filter

Pop filters are one of the best ways to increase the quality of your vocal recordings. In fact, this is a simple and cheap material that blocks the bursts of air from your mouth from being recorded and gives a clear and smooth recording. Here are our best recommendations for the Pop filter, check out Aokeo Professional Microphone Pop Filter Mask Shield.

5. Mic Stand

Although, the mic stands are fairly inexpensive and they can make your life much easier while working in the studio. If you have a mic stand then you don’t have to hold the mic while recording the vocal. If you don’t have one then buy from our best recommendation AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand.

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