How To Choose Best Lighting For Making A Video – Buying Guide

Best Lighting For Making A Video

If you are starting with your video production lighting becomes important to shoot a video. Also, the right amount of light gives your video a magical touch. If you plan and prepare properly you can get the best result of your video. Whereas, choosing the best lighting equipment gets a bit more confusing especially when you are a beginner. Also, it is important to choose the right position for light where you can get the perfect exposure. In this article, you will find details about how to choose the best lighting for making a video.

There are a few factors like color, size, and depth that you should keep in mind while buying a lighting Equipment. By keeping these factors in mind we have created a list of lighting types. Here you will get a buying guide and details about how to choose the best lighting for making a video.

Importance Of Lighting For Making A Video?

Lighting becomes mandatory while shooting a video. If you lack in lighting then your video can look like crap. It does not make any sense if your camera setting is in 1080P resolution when there is no proper light. In fact, when the camera doesn’t receive enough light, it increases its sensibility/ISO to light to capture the moment, and that affects the resulting image. These are also good for recording a documentary film.

Types Of Best Lighting For Making A Video

1. Outdoor Sunlight

If you have a wide window and get enough sunlight to make a video. It is the best light which you can use to make a video. Also, most of the photographers and filmmakers love the golden hour which is in the early morning and late evening for its soft and flattering golden light. But, in sunlight, you can only record your video in the day time you don’t have an option for the night. Whereas, the other problem with this is that all videos will look slightly different because of the intensity of the light of the day.

2. Artificial Lights

There are different types of lights that you can use according to your type of video. By artificial lights, you can also record your video at midnight where you will not have any problem as it gives a constant amount of lights.

  • ​Softboxes Lights: Softboxes are the best only you have to place it in the right position. Also, you have to attach a bulb according to the amount of light you want. The softbox lights are available in many shapes like Hexagon, octagon, and many more. Our recommendations For Softbox lightings.

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  • Ring Lights: This light is another kind of light that comes in a circle shape. Thi light is basically used for focusing the light on the face. Whereas, ring lights that consist of a light bulb that comes in a ring shape. Here are our recommendations for Ring lights.

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