Most Popular 4 Gaming Chair Under $200 – Best Buying Guide In 2022

Gaming Chair Under $200

A true gamer will always know how important it is to have a reliable gaming chair. They spend a lot of time in front of the PC so it is important to make sure they are not tired. It offers the best comfort and is usually more affordable than buying the newest gaming setup. If you are an avid video gamer, it’s probably time to invest in a gaming chair. This type of chair offers the perfect balance of comfort and ergonomics, making your gaming experience even more enjoyable.

Thankfully, there are some great PC gaming chairs designed for gamers that offer more comfort and durability during longer gaming sessions. The good news is that they are available for less than $ 200. If you are looking for the best gaming chairs for under $ 200, you do not need to look any further. In this post, we have compiled a detailed review of the top 10 gaming chairs under $ 200. In creating this guide, we have taken an in-depth review of each product taking into account the comfort level, overall design, customer reviews, and many other factors.

1.GTRACING Gaming Chair:

GTRACING Gaming Chair is a high-quality racing-style gaming chair that comes with a highly adjustable offer with a safety angle of 90 to 170-degrees. The chair is available in four different color options, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit your gaming style. The chair is designed to provide extra comfort with sophisticated support and weight distribution for longer working hours. The gaming chair has extra waist and neck support, making it ideal for sitting for many hours.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

Its five-point base is built with smooth and heavy-duty rolling coasters that can be used safely on hardwood floors. Although this gaming chair is extremely comfortable and durable, you still have to struggle with the assembly process. The GTRACING Chair features a Bluetooth device speaker with 6-hour playtime to enjoy music in your chair. All-in-all, this is a great computer gaming chair that works long hours in and out of gaming.


  • Adjustable backrest with more comfort
  • High-quality PU leather


  • N/A

2. Nokaxus Gaming Chair:

Nokaxus Gaming Chair is a high-end gaming chair with a solid build and premium features. It is a height-adjustable and multifunctional ergonomic chair that every pro gamer will love to have. It is made of high-quality PU leather with high-density sponge cushions for a more comfortable experience. The chair has a 360-degree swivel rotation and excellent rocking function.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair

In addition to adjusting from 90 to 180 degrees, the chair offers a vibration massage function to provide you with luxurious comfort while gaming. The chair has large-sized PU wheels that rotate smoothly on solid wood floors without creating noise. It offers a height-adjustable seat and armrests, making it suitable for all types of people. The chair is also suitable for gaming, office work, or watching movies. The Nokaxus gaming chair is available in six different colors and offers a 1-year warranty on gaming chair parts.


  • Massage and footrest function
  • Additional waist pillow for more comfort
  • Large-sized PU wheels to protect your floor from being scratched


  • N/A

3. AutoFull Computer Gaming Chair:

It’s really a high-quality computer gaming chair designed by Autofill, the official sponsor of official games. With an affordable price tag, this chair has many cutting-edge features that make it one of the best gaming chairs for under $ 200. It comes with a reclining seat that bends 90 to 155-degrees. You can also lock it in your comfortable position to prevent your seat from changing. Its adjustable height and seat give you the most comfortable experience while gaming, working, or sleeping.

AutoFull Computer Gaming Chair


The chair is made of waterproof and antioxidant PU leather, along with comfortable pillows to soothe your body from pain when sitting for long hours. The 5-star base rolling castors on the Autofill Gaming Chair feature a 360-degree swivel to run smoothly on your room floor. This gaming chair can handle a maximum weight of 350-pounds, making it suitable for all types of heights.


  • Removable lumbar and headrest
  • Waterproof and fade-resistant build material
  • 25-degree rocking tilting function to provide more comfort


  • A little bit of assembling difficulty

4. Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair:

This is a high-end ergonomic gaming chair designed specifically for Avengers fans and gaming lovers. The chair comes with a pull-out footrest, which allows you to sleep during long gaming sessions or working hours. The racing chair is made of soft and durable high-quality PU leather to ensure comfort. Its five-point rolling casters are heavy-duty enough to run smoothly on your floor without scratches and noise.

Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair

The gaming chair has a spacious seat with a load capacity of 350 pounds, which is suitable for all body types. In addition, the chair has a seat of foam sponges molded with delicate Marvel embroidery and 3D adjustable polyurethane armrests. The chair also has a rocking function and can be tilted 90 to 180 degrees.


  • Noiseless rolling casters
  • Best chair for a tall person
  • Massage lumbar pillow for improving blood circulation


  • Poor assembly instructions


These are the top recommended gaming chairs to buy for under $ 200. So before buying any gaming chair, read the above information and technical specifications to provide product quality. Now you understand the advantages, features, and disadvantages of gaming chairs so you can choose the proper chair for your usage with ease. We hope this guide helps you find the best gaming chair for under $ 200.

Why Your Gaming Laptop Overheat?Here’s The Simple Methods To Reduce Your Laptop From Overheating In 2022

Gaming Laptop Overheat

Gaming laptops are becoming more and more popular. With their powerful processors and graphics cards, they can run games with high settings. If you have recently noticed that your laptop is warming up and running slower than normal, do not ignore it. Feels like your laptop is warming up. If you do not fix it quickly, you run the risk of serious hardware failure and risk to your files. In the best-case scenario, you are acknowledging the long-term frustration that affects your productivity and irritates you every time you turn on the computer.

Overheating of laptops or PCs can cause a number of problems, from the terrible blue screen to the loss of important data and software. In most cases, you may not even know the real cause of the problem before some key parts of your laptop are permanently damaged. So below we are providing simple methods to reduce your laptop from overheating. In this article, we will help you solve the problem and share some real-world insights. If the laptop is overheating, we will start by looking at how to identify it before providing a bunch of tips and advice on how to fix the problem.

1. Make Sure It’s On A Flat Hard Surface:

Warm areas under a laptop are cooler when wrapped in the air than blankets or clothing. Placing your laptop on a flat hard surface will help with cooling and allow air to flow through the outlets. The cooling system is usually based on a blower-style fan (s) that draws air in through a vent and then cools the heat sink as hot air exits the outlet or exhaust vent. If any of those vents are obstructed, it can dramatically affect the cooling capacity.

2. Use A Laptop Cooler:

This is a very convincing way to maintain your laptop cool for a low-cost product. If you use your laptop for gaming, you need a cooler that works well. It most likely has multiple cooling pads and fans. Laptop coolers are available that are well tolerated for use in bed. This way, you are not restricting your use of your laptop on a rough flat surface. I would say this is almost a must-have for laptop owners.

3. Make Sure The Air Fans and Pathways Are Clean:

Over a period of months, dust will begin to accumulate in the cooling system. This is usually the nature of refrigeration. Desktop computers also require cleaning and preventative measures can be taken to prevent dust. But with a laptop, you’re pretty much stuck with the cooling system design, and adding filters is not an option. All that remains is to make sure your laptop is serviced by a professional every year or you can try to clean the cooling system yourself.

If you are interested in the second option, you will need an air compressor or compressed air box. Blow air into any of the holes you can see until the dust comes out of the holes or pits. Although it is recommended that you do this professionally, this method is effective enough to keep your laptop from overheating from clogged vents, fans or heat sinks.

4. Try To Avoid Direct Sunlight On It:

Whether you use it or not, try to keep your laptop out of direct sunlight. Inside are small plastic parts that are warped from too much heat. If you use your laptop in the sun, it will raise its internal temperature. Running for hours in this way shortens the lifespan of some parts inside. Storing your laptop in a hot car can cause some damage even if some of the plastic parts are warped.

5. Make Sure The Laptop’s Fan Are Working:

If you are using your laptop and notice complete silence (no fan noise), turn it off and consult a professional. This means that the cooling fan is damaged or your fan will not spin up due to any other fault. It can damage your laptop and you should check it as soon as possible. If you hear shaking sounds from your fan (s), it means that the fan (s) are worn out and need to be replaced. Due to the delicate and compact nature of all the interior components, have a professional replace them unless you have laptop repair experience.

6. Use Software To Monitor Temperatures And Fans:

By installing software that notifies you of the temperature of the components in your laptop, you can easily keep track of the critical component temperatures. There are several software packages that can control the fan speed as well as provide you with temperature information. In some applications, you can set up fan speed profiles based on the temperature of the hardware components. This way, you can also make sure that your fan (s) are doing their job by noticing the increased fan speed as your internal hardware heats up.

7. Don’t overload it with too many programs at once:

Try to minimize the number of programs. If you’ve worked on an application and completed a task, consider closing it instead of minimizing it. Instead, it also frees up your laptop resources to provide better performance than what you are currently using. Keep the number of tabs open in your browser to a minimum. It uses less memory and makes your gaming laptop a little easier to deal with other things.

8. Check the power settings:

In Windows, there are some settings for power management that can help keep your laptop cool.

  • Change the power plan settings to ‘Balance’.
  • Change the system cooling policy to ‘Active’ for ‘Plug-in’.
    This will help keep your laptop cool by reducing the power to specific internal components when not in high use.


Overheating is a common and serious problem for gamers because it affects gaming performance and damages the hardware. Therefore, there is a need to resolve this issue as soon as possible. You have all the solutions mentioned above. Check each of them to get rid of your laptop overheating problem.

What Is Anti Aliasing In Games & Why Is It Important For Gaming – You Should Know

Anti Aliasing In Games

Anti Aliasing: One of the most popular in-game settings is anti-aliasing. The goal of anti-aliasing is to reduce the problem by smoothing the edges of the jaggery by applying specific techniques. Often, the problem is that the output monitor is not capable of handling such smooth lines. Even if you switch to a high-resolution monitor to see a better effect, anti-aliasing is a much simpler solution. You will often find this in your game settings due to the rendering of such pixels in the game.

Anti-aliasing is also known as AA or oversampling. Most games have options that enable anti-aliasing in 2x, 4x, 8x or higher modes depending on your graphics card. Anti-aliasing makes your system resources a little more demanding. If you are running on a small system or have limited resources to share, you may choose to turn off the setting.

  • Anti-Aliasing Types:

There are four main types of anti-aliasing techniques:

1. SSAA:

(Super Sampling Anti-Aliasing, the first type of anti-aliasing. SSAA was used primarily on photorealistic images, but most newer games do not use it as it consumes too much processing power for today’s standards.

2. MSAA:

Multi-Model Anti-Aliasing is one of the most popular types of anti-aliasing that we find in new games. Its only downside is that it does nothing but smooth the edges of the polygons. Although this reduces the demand for processing power, it is not really the most efficient in terms of power compared to SSAA and does not solve the problem of pixelated textures.

3. FXAA:

We also have FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing), which consumes less power and smoothes all edges on all parts of the image. Its disadvantage is that it blurs the images and if you are looking for a game with crisp clear graphics‌ it will not do that job.

4. TXAA:

The fourth is TXAA Temporal Anti-Aliasing which can only be found on newer graphics cards from companies such as Nvidia and AMD. TXAA combines different methods to make the edges smoother. Despite its ambiguity, it consumes far less energy than other anti-aliasing techniques and is more effective at smoothing image edges compared to other older methods.

  • What Does Anti-Aliasing Do?

Anti-aliasing is a method that allows you to remove jaggery edges from images that have a rounded shape. Apart from that, there are a variety of anti-aliasing techniques you can choose from to reduce ‘joggers’ from your graphics. One of the many methods of performing the task is that you can adjust the graphic settings in your games.

Most games have an in-game window that allows you to change such settings. Alternatively, in the case of GPUs, you can go to the GPU Control Panel and manage the anti-aliasing settings there. Now, let’s look at the different types of anti-aliasing techniques and how they work to remove jaggery edges from images.

  • What Is Anti-Aliasing In Games?

Anti-aliasing in gaming is a new technique used to smooth out jaggery lines or textures by combining the color of the pixels with the color of the edges. You can easily notice anti-aliasing when playing games in low to medium settings as the edges of objects are not sharp and smooth. This is the result of a very low anti-aliasing setting.

Anti-aliasing is not a big deal for older games. No lightmaps, no shaders, no need to go to some boring learning missions to understand what anti-aliasing means. But we are increasingly in demand for better games and modern 3D games now have to rely on some kind of anti-aliasing because, as you already know, we want more fun and realistic displays.

Anti-aliasing is used not only in games but also in program interfaces and operating systems. In addition to the images, the algorithm also processes the text, making the smaller fonts more readable. There are different ways to achieve anti-aliasing. The main and most popular anti-aliasing algorithms are listed below, but other types can also be found in games.

  • Why Is It Important For Gaming?

Most likely, if you do not have an advanced GPU, you will need to upgrade it as well. But this option is not enough for everyone. It was rediscovered in 1972, but it began to gain popularity in the game industry a few decades later. Anti-aliasing is the process of painting neighboring pixels in an intermediate color.

The jaggery transition looks less sharp, thereby changing the border to the opposite. Anti-aliasing is used not only in games but also in program interfaces and operating systems. In addition to the images, the algorithm also processes the text, making the smaller fonts more readable. There are various ways to achieve anti-aliasing. The main and most popular anti-aliasing algorithms are listed below, but other types can also be found in games.

  • Which Anti-Aliasing To Choose In The Game:

If you have a powerful gaming laptop and you see SSAA anti-aliasing in the graphics settings – do not hesitate to choose it. But if you overestimate the strength of your PC and such a solution severely affects the frame rate, try to find SMAA or TXAA (TAA). If your PC is more budget-friendly, there are always options to use MLAA, FXAA, or MSAA.

  • Conclusion:

Anti-aliasing is a key technique for removing rough surfaces from the screen. Although modern monitors and output devices can solve the problem on their own, this setting has been the most crucial discussion for many. However, if you run a low-res monitor, anti-aliasing is required. With a few different ways to blur and sample bad pixels, you can follow a better method of generating game screens. Hopefully, this article helped you with the question, “What is anti-aliasing in games?” Go ahead, do some trials with your system settings and see which setting suits you best!

5 Best Drift Karts For Kids To Buy In 2022

5 Best Drift Karts For Kids

There seems to be one type that works for both. Of course, different versions work to suit different needs. The drift kart is essentially a go-kart, designed specifically for the surrounding road conditions. These are made to get many people who are not ready to take part in the race, not a specific track. It invests a sense of understanding with the idea of karting. The principles are the same, however, with a lower power version of the stripped-down than the regular Go-Kart. There are multiple points to be considered before purchasing the right kart for your use – speed, battery life, price, safety, size, operations, mechanics, and durability. Let’s look at some of the best available:

Go-karting is competitive motorsport that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. However, there is also a fun aspect to drifting in go-karting. If your kids or you like drifting with go-karting, a drifter kart may be the right solution. Drift karts provide plenty of fun for the whole family because they are easy to use, safe to drive, and can lead to some serious exciting drifts.

There are plenty of drift karts available in the market and they are all unique in their own way. But with so many options available, which one is best for you or your child? In this review, we will examine the best drift karts available in the market for adults and children. Drift karts are a must if you are looking for an easy way to enjoy your weekends with your family – or if you want your kids to have fun on their own.

1. Razor Crazy kart Shift:

The Razr Crazy kart Shift is the best drift kart on this list and is designed for kids ages 6 and up. It weighs a maximum of 120 pounds and can go up to 8 mph. Parents can decide whether they want their child to drift at 8 mph (13 km / h) or whether the drift kart caps at a maximum speed of 2.5 mph. Thanks to the power core hub motor the kart design is kept very simple, which removes all maintenance-hungry components such as chains, tensioners, and sprockets.

Razor Crazy Cart Shift

The end result is a kart that provides drifting entertainment for children. It comes with a very simple design and is very easy to drift in a crazy car shift. The response of the steering is in a 1: 1 ratio, which provides excellent technology control over the kart. Combined with the rear wheels having a steady slope ensures you get a great balance between driving the kart and drifting.


  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Drift with steering wheel
  • 40 minutes of run time

2. Enjoytime Electric Drifting Go-Kart:

Enjoy time Electric Drifting Go-Kart is a drift kart designed for kids and teens, but with a nice twist. You can really adjust the length of the frame to suit children of different heights! This drifter kart can carry a maximum weight of 143 pounds so it is suitable for most children and teenagers. With a top speed of 10 mph (16 km / h) in ‘Sport Mode’, it’s great for drifting action and having fun on the weekends.


Enjoytime Electric Drifting Go-KartAs an extra precaution, the Enjoy Time electric drifting go-kart can also be used in ‘novice mode’, which is 5 mph (8 km / h), or ‘normal mode’ 7.5 mph (12 km / h). This kart also has a very nice design from a visual point of view and from a practical point of view. It is stored in the trunk of a wide variety of cars for portable and easy transportation.


  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Drifting with handbrake
  • 40 minutes of run time

3. Razor Crazy kart:

The Crazy kart by Razor is desired for kids from ages 9 and up. It’s a slightly larger version than the Crazy Shift and is also awesome for drifting. Due to its larger size, it helps the highest weight of 140 lbs. It features a foot pedal to control the speed and through its 250W electric motor, it can reach speeds of up to 12 mph.

Razor Crazy Cart

The Crazy kart features two pneumatic front tires and anti-tip front caster wheels, which provide stability. The kart does not have a braking system or a seatbelt. Although this go-kart speed is very low, this is something to consider. One reason for this is that kids can easily jump off if the go-kart drifts out of control. Apart from its fun drifting mechanism, the Razor Crazy kart also has a similar design to its other variants.


  • Suitable for ages 9+
  • Drifting with Drift Bar
  • 40 minutes of run time

4. Razor Force Drifter Kart:

Designed for children ages 8 and up, the Force Drifter Kart by Razor is one of the more serious drifters in the lineup. Powered by a 250W electric motor, it can reach a top speed of 12 mph and carry a maximum load of 140 pounds. The controller allows drivers to adjust their speed differently. This means they can travel slower or at higher speeds and go to their heart’s content!

Razor Force Drifter Kart

The rear wheels of the Razor Force Drifter kart are very smooth, which means drifting is very easy. There is also a ‘spark bar’ at the rear wheels, spark in drifting! It also comes with a hand accelerator and hand brake, which makes drifting more fun!


  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Drifting with handbrake
  • 40 minutes of run time

5. EzyRoller Drift Rider:

The next drift kart on the list is the EzyRoller Drift Rider. It has a unique design and is recommend for children 4 years and older. However, its weight capacity is around 150 pounds, and thanks to its extensible design it can be using even by older children and adults.

EzyRoller Drift Rider

An interesting part of this drift kart is its movement and drifting mechanism. At first glance, this drift kart may not seem like much, but to be sure – it’s a lot of fun! You will notice that the steering wheel is missing; Instead, it has a very cleverly designed bar that you can control with your feet. How do you accelerate by pumping this bar back and forth and the hand bar/brake on each side helps you drift the kart?


  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • Drifting with handbrake
  • Motion-powered drift kart


With the analysis given in the article above, it will be easier to buy the drift kart you like. It depends on your budget, needs, and interest level. Drift kart is a great gift for kids ages eight and up. These are perfect for young people interest in karting. This is a great alternative for kids to sit in front of screens at home. These are perfect for older children and adults who do not have the opportunity to go on the karting track.

Top 4 Best Dirt Bikes For 10 Year-Old Kids

Top 4 Best Dirt Bikes For 10 Year-Olds Kids

Top 4 Best Dirt Bikes For 10 Year-Old Kids: There is nothing more useful for your child than playing sports. No issue what sport it is, it is more useful for kids to be physically energetic and to socialize with peers who also adore sports. Simply put, sport is a passion that should be promoted from the earliest days. Frankly, looking for the finest dirt bike can be almost difficult. Here is a dirt bike for kids’ requests depending on their age. For short and young drivers age 3 years old; small automatic and electric bikes are recommended. Safety-wise, for 4-year-olds, a gas-powered ride can be a good sports bike for practice. When they match the age of 5-6, they might be actually more suitable than most dirt bike drivers and hopefully will continue riding for a long time. At this age, they can gain more power and speed as they can safely handle it.

Dirt Bikes For 10 Year-Olds

Dirt Bikes For 10 Year-Olds

There are different dirt bikes, determined by category and of course, cost. Aside from that, a training dirt bike, especially for children, will add to the challenge. No fears though! I have gathered elements and reviews you might like to check into in peeking for the finest dirt bike for your kid.

  • Starmax Gas Powered Kids Mini Dirt Bike
  • Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike
  • Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike
  • Coolster Semi-Auto Gas Dirt Bike

1. Starmax Gas Powered Kids Mini Dirt Bike

1. Starmax Gas Powered Kids Mini Dirt Bike

If you need to bring a gas-powered bike for your kids, this is a wonderful way to begin. This bad fellow looks great, all in black, with red elements. It’s surely something that will create your kid the jealousy of the community. This Starmax model has a single-cylinder, 4-stroke 40cc gas motor, and a fuel tank that brings in about 1.2litres, or about 0.3 gallons. It’s awesome for long rides without stressing about batteries.

According to the manufactory, this is most useful for kids 12 years old and up, but it’s not as simple. We accept 10-year-olds can ride it safely. As long as your kid can handle a bike that weights at 52lbs, and can go the floor smoothly, you’re right. Since the seat size is just a bit over 2 feet, your 10-year-old should be capable to ride it with ease.

2. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

2. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

This McGrath boosted bike is something your kid will not just like, but love. It comes with a genuine McGrath design and decals. A genuine little kid’s dirt bike for your 10-year-old kid to have fun with. We like the genuine steel dirt bike frame.

This bike’s measurements are 56′ length, 36′ height, and 24.5′ width. It has 98lbs, and it helps riders up to 175lbs. According to the manufactory, this dirt bike model is suggested for ages 14 and up. But, according to users, 10, 11, and 12-year-olds are completely safe on it. Just create certain your kid is tall sufficiently for it, and wear security helmets, knee braces, etc then you’re fine to go.

3. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

3. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

This miniature electric dirt bike is extremely quiet while gaining decent speed. It has a twist-grip throttle, hand-operated rearward brake, and big knobby pneumatic tires. Its fuel source is a couple of 12V batteries that offer 24V of total power. The electric dirt bike for children survives for about 30 minutes of the endless ride, and it takes about 6 hours to recharge. Luckily, a charger is included.

This electric dirt bike model can perform 12mph, and according to the manufactory, it’s for kids around 12 years old. Many users contend that their children started utilizing this model at 9 or 10 years of age. Essentially, it all depends on your kid’s height and strength. As weight goes, this little guy can handle up to 150lbs, which is better than proper for its fair size.

4. Coolster Semi-Auto Gas Dirt Bike

Coolster Semi-Auto Gas Dirt Bike

If you bring a look at the bike, it is essentially the small version of the real motocross bike, provided with an electric motor. Not only it is great for teens, but it is also special for your 13 years old. As faithful dirt bikes for 13-year-olds, the bike has a 500W of engine that can arrive up to speed up to 17 mph. No necessity to worry about structure and frame because the solid structure will make sure that your children will remain secure despite the rough roads and bumpy terrain. Within a single charge, the bike can protect 10 miles of area.

Except for all of these great features, Razor MX500 also has a combination of riser handlebars and dual suspension to produce a comfortable and smooth ride. Not only it is great for flat pavement, but it is also ideal for all kinds of conditions and terrains. There are also chain-driven and various speed motor that is pretty quiet and hush-hush – unlike the regular gas-powered bikes that are noisy and annoying. You can charge the bike for a full 8 hours. It can accommodate 175 pounds of weight, making it ideal for pre-teen to teen users.


If you want your kids to have fun and want their safety to be intact, choose one among these lists of dirt bikes for kids. If you’re looking for bikes for kids, something that will let your kid live out some off-road dreams, this model is definitely it.

Best PC Gaming Headsets Under $100

If you are into PC gaming, you probably need a good gaming headset. But, when you have a budget of up to $100, it’s really important that you choose your gaming headset carefully. Now, you don’t really need to go through all those gaming headset options on Amazon. We have already selected the top 3 so, you can save some time & focus on the important stuff. So, check out our recommendation list for the best PC gaming headsets under $100.

Best PC Gaming Headsets Under $100 – Recommended by Buy Gadget

Our top 3 recommendations are rather interesting here. There are two headsets from Razer & the other one is actually from HyperX. Both companies make excellent gaming accessories & that kinda shows here. Here are the headsets that we selected in no particular order.

Razer Kraken Pro V2

Price: $84.99

The Razer Kraken Pro was already a very popular name in gaming headsets & the Razer Kraken Pro V2 is a further improvement on that. It has 50 mm Razer custom tuned drivers which sound excellent. It also has an Aluminum chassis & headband that provides durability while keeping the overall weight of the device in control.

Buy the Razer Kraken Pro V2

HyperX Cloud Alpha

Price: $99.99

The Hyper X Alpha is another highly preferred headset when it comes to PC gaming. It has 50 mm dual chamber drivers which arguably provide the best surround sound experience in this price segment. It does have an Aluminum frame while the headband is actually covered with leather. So, that’s a plus too in case you like those.

Buy the Hyper X Alpha

Razer Nari Essential

Price: $89.72

Ready for some THX-certified wireless audio? The Razer Nari Essential gaming headset might be a good pick up for you. It has support for THX SPATIAL AUDIO which provides a 360-degree surround sound, 2.4 GHz Wireless Audio, up to 16 hours of Battery Life & an Aluminum frame to keep the weight in control. Not many prefer the Wireless Headsets for gaming but, if you do, this is the headset you should be getting.

Buy the Razer Nari Essential

Those were our top 3 picks for the best PC gaming headsets under $100. Which one did you end up with? Let us know in the comments section below. Also what other gadgets do you want us to cover here on Buy Gadget? Please let us know that as well.

[Note: Prices as of on 22/06/2019]

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Best 16GB DDR4 RAM Options For Your Gaming PC

Best 16GB DDR4 RAM

If you’re building a new gaming PC or upgrading your old one it’s important to upgrade your RAM alongside your GPU. But, how to be sure that you’re not choosing the wrong one? Because choosing the wrong RAM, might end up as a bottleneck. So, in this article, we’re talking about the best 16GB DDR4 RAM options for your gaming PC (as of June 2019).

Best 16GB DDR4 RAM options

CORSAIR Vengeance LPX (16GB, 2400 MHz)

If you are looking for a cheap but, good option and you don’t need any fancy RGB, the CORSAIR Vengeance LPX is for you. It is selling for 6249 INR at the time of writing this article so, it’s quite affordable. It has a frequency of 2400 MHz & this one should be good for casual to semi-pro gamers.

Buy the Corsair Vengeance LPX on Amazon

HyperX Predator Black CL15 (16GB, 3000MHz)

Looking for something faster but still don’t want RGB? The HyperX Predator Black CL15 is for you. At 3000 MHz so, it’s way faster compared to the Vengence LPX & it’s slightly better too. It is selling for 10300 INR at the time of writing this article.

Buy the HyperX Predator Black CL15 on Amazon

Gskill Trident Z RGB F4-3000C16D-16GTZR (16GB with two 8GB sticks, 3000 MHz)

Want your RAM to light up with RGB? Gskill Trident Z is an excellent option. However, it comes as two 8GB sticks instead of a single 16GB stick. It actually looks pretty cool with RGB on. It is selling for 10690 INR at the time of writing this article. So, it’s only slightly more pricy compared to the HyperX.

Buy the Gskill Trident Z RGB F4-3000C16D-16GTZR on Amazon

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (16GB with two 8GB sticks, 3000 MHz)

Don’t want to settle for the Gskill? Check out the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro. It has the same frequency but, apparently performs better than the Trident Z. It also comes as two 8GB sticks but, you may be able to find a single 16GB stick as well. The Vengeance RGB Pro is selling for 14000 INR at the time of writing this article.

Buy the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro on Amazon

Viper Steel Series PVS416G440C9K (16GB with two 8GB sticks, 4400 MHz)

Want the best of the best recommendation? Viper Steel Series PVS416G440C9K is the one you’re looking for. It has a max frequency of 4400 MHz when XMP 2.0 is enabled. It doesn’t have RGB but, if you’re getting this one you probably don’t care about that anyway. If your system can support this, you can’t get anything better for it as of now. The Viper Steel Series PVS416G440C9K is selling for 26935 INR at the time of writing this article.

Buy the Viper Steel Series PVS416G440C9K on Amazon

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ASUS FX503 vs. ASUS ROG GL503 Strix – Is the Cheaper FX503 Right For You?

ASUS has recently launched the successors to their 502 series gaming laptops & the new series carries the upgraded 503 signature. They have actually announced a ton of different models to choose from this year.  In the ASUS ROG GL503, we have the Strix, Hero & Scar Editions and we also have the ASUS FX503.

Asus FX503 Gaming Laptop Review
Asus Rog FX503 Gaming Laptop Review

So, last year when we did that FX553 & GL553 comparison like article, we saw that many of you were actually interested to know the differences between the two as the specification list was quite similar & the price difference between the two was a significant reason for many people to go for the cheaper FX553 instead of going for a GL553.

This year the conditions are the same again. The FX503 is significantly cheaper compared to the GL503 Strix Edition & the specifications are quite similar. So we thought, making this comparison can benefit some of you guys to take a better purchase decision in case you’re having difficulty to choose. If you’re not aware though, the FX503 will cost around 79990 INR while the GL503 Strix will cost around 92990 INR for the i7-7700HQ Base Variants. The FX503 also comes with the i5-7300HQ starting at 69990 INR.

So, let’s have a specification comparison between the GL503 Strix Edition & the FX503 so, the major differences show up.

Feature Comparision between ASUS FX503 and ASUS GL503 Strix


ASUS GL503 Strix

Display15.6 inch, 1080P, 60Hz, TN Panel15.6 inch, 1080P, 60Hz, IPS Panel
ProcessorQuadcore i7-7700HQQuadcore i7-7700HQ
RAM8GB  DDR4 2400 MHz (Expandable Up to 32GB)8GB DDR4 2400 MHz (Expandable Up to 32GB)
Storage1TB HDD 7200RPM128GB M.2 SSD + 1TB HDD 7200 RPM
  • 3 x USB 3.0 port(s) Type A, 
  • 1 x HDMI, Support HDMI 2.0, 
  •  One RJ45 LAN Jack for LAN insert, 
  • One 2-in-1 Card Reader, 
  • 1 x 3.5 mm Headphone And Microphone Combo Jack
  • 1 x Type C USB 3.0, 
  • 3 x USB 3.0 Type A, 
  • 1 x USB 2.0, 
  • One Mini Display Port, 
  • One HDMI
  • 1 x RJ-45 Jack, 
  • 1 x 2-in-1 Card Reader, 
  • One 3.5 mm Headphone And Microphone Combo Jack
Wi-FiIntegrated 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2×2Integrated 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2×2
Battery64 Whrs (4 Cells)64 Whrs (4 Cells)
Number Of Speakers22
Weight2.5 Kilograms2.5 Kilograms
OSWindows 10 HomeWindows 10 Home
Price79990 INR92990 INR


The specification comparison chart has probably cleared a lot of your doubts already. Now, let us figure out the drawbacks of the FX503 over the GL503 a bit deeper.

Display comparison between ASUS FX503 and GL503

The first major differentiator between these two models is the Display. The FX503 has a 15.6 inch 1080P TN Panel while the GL503 has an IPS Panel. So, the IPS Panel GL503 is way more color accurate & has better viewing angles compared to the TN Panel on the FX503. So, in case you want to do some Color Accurate work in your Laptop alongside playing Games on it, the GL503 is the one you should be looking at. But, in case you are not doing color accurate work, the Display of the FX503 should be enough.

Build Quality of ASUS FX503 versus GL503

Both of these Laptops have good build quality but, the GL503 is better compared to the FX503. The design Language on the GL503 has that new 2017 ROG look with that improved Metal-Plastic chassis. The FX503 is built well but, it isn’t as good as the GL503.

Ports in ASUS FX503 versus GL503

Another concern is the Ports. The FX503 is missing a USB C Port, a Mini Display Port & a USB 2.0 Port compared to the GL503. Now, the USB C port on the GL503 is not Thunderbolt 3 capable so, if you want to hook an External GPU, you cannot do that on any of these laptops. So, it’s not a huge reason to buy the GL503 or dump the FX503 just because of that USB C port. However, if you want all those extra ports, the GL503 is a better option. Otherwise, you can have a look at the FX503.

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The Keyboard is also a little bit different between the two. The GL503 can do 4-zone RGB Lighting in its keyboard while the FX503 has Red Lighting that you cannot change. So, if you want RGB Lighting in your Keyboard, the FX503 does not have that. The GL503 also have extra Volume Control keys that are not present in the FX503.


The last thing is Thermals. The GL series, in general, have better thermal management compared to the FX series. So, we are expecting similar scenarios for the GL503 & the FX503. But, we have to test out this one when we get our hands on to make a 100% confirmation.

Should You Get The Cheaper ASUS FX503 Instead Of Getting The More Highly Priced ASUS Rog GL503?

This depends on your particular needs. If you have already read the content above carefully, you probably already know but, if you need an opinion in general, remember to figure out the purpose of why you are getting the laptop.

If you want to Play Games & also do some color accurate work like Photo or Video editing on your laptop, the GL503 is the one to go for. The higher price of the GL503 is because of the Better Build Quality & most importantly the Significantly Better Display. So, if you are someone who wants that, go for the GL503.

However, if you’re a person who just wants to pick a GTX1050 laptop for Playing Games & do just basic day-to-day stuff, the FX503 is enough for you. The gaming performance between the two is almost identical, so, if Gaming is your only big priority, save that extra money & go for the FX503 instead.

Something you need to be aware of, the GTX1050 isn’t going to give you 60 FPS+ frame rates at 1080P in AAA titles at High Graphics settings so, if you are looking for something like that. this is not the price point you should be looking at. Get something that has at least a GTX1060 inside. There is a GTX1060 Model of the GL503 Strix but, it’s significantly more expensive at 13990 INR. So, if that’s what you’re looking for & you have the budget then go for that one instead.

Ok, that’s it for this comparison. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Also, let us know if you want comparisons of specific devices that may benefit you in your next purchase & we’ll try to cover that up.

Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017

When we think gaming laptops, all that comes in our mind are some heavy bodies, monster performance & extreme heating. Well, that era is definitely not over but, this is 2017 & we have come a long way of evolution. Gaming laptops are now way more powerful & they also have much-improved heat management systems. In CES 2017, we saw some amazing gaming laptops and we try to put this list of Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017 for you.


Razer’s Project Valerie – Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017

ProjValerrie - Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017
ProjValerrie – Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017

This may not be the most powerful gaming laptop of CES 2017, but it surely is the most innovative concept. Thumbs up to Razer who made it possible. The Project Valerie has three 17.3 inch 4K screens equipped with the body of a Razer Blade Pro. All three displays work together as a single wide-angle monitor & that translates to a resolution of 11520 x 2160 or we can say a total resolution of 12K! It also includes support for NVIDIA’s G-sync alongside with its Surround View.

About the internals, they must be similar to the Razer Blade Pro as it’s the same body. But, in case Razer made any changes to it, we don’t really know. So, specs include an i7-6700HQ, an 8GB NVIDIA GTX 1080 & 32 Gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. You still can’t buy it anytime soon but, hope Razer can make this 12K laptop gaming common as fast as possible.


ASUS ROG GX800VH – Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017

ASUS ROG GX800VH - Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017
ASUS ROG GX800VH – Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017

This is the most powerful Laptop from CES that we picked up for our list. It is an 18-inch gaming laptop with a 4k Display that has support for NVIDIA’s G-sync. Well, it all might look familiar to last years GX800 but, this time ASUS has updated the CPU. ASUS has updated from the Skylake 6820HK to a 7th Gen Kabylake 7820HK that can now be overclocked upto 4.3GHz. It also spots two GTX 1080‘s with SLI that is capable of providing 4K gaming at amazing frame rates. With this kind of performance, you get great heating absolutely free.

ASUS has really impressed us with their liquid cooling solution that comes in the form of an external cooling dock that is easy to connect & disconnect. The best thing about this dock is that if you don’t need it, you can simply keep it at home & carry the laptop only. Anyway, even after having this much hardware inside, the Laptop manages to maintain a body weight of less than 6KGs. We still don’t know what the prices are going to be in various regions. But this will definitely be the most expensive laptop that ASUS will make to date.


Lenovo Legion Y720 – Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017

Lenovo Legion Y720 - Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017 !
Lenovo Legion Y720 – Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017 !

This is the top model that Lenovo has announced under their new brand Legion that is made specifically for gaming. This is a 15.6-inch laptop with 4K resolution (Optional). On the inside, it has a Kabylake i7-7700HQ equipped with GTX 1060. We are not sure about the storage options as they may vary by region. But, it’ll spot PCIe SSD along with a SATA HDD. What is impressive though, this laptop is the first one in the world to spot Dolby Atmos & it also has built-in support for Xbox One Wireless controller. Keeping in mind that this laptop has fewer specs, this is going to be way cheaper at 1399 USD & will be available from April 2017.


It may be noted that all the laptops we mentioned in Best Gaming Laptops From CES 2017, include all the important ports along with Thunderbolt 3 ports.