3 Best Gaming Monitors For PS4 – That You Can Buy in 2022

Gaming Monitors For PS4

PS4 monitors have evolved, thus offering more benefits including a remarkable display. Finding the best gaming monitor for the PS4 can help enhance your experience. Gaming screens offer the perfect space-saving option compared to widescreen TVs, especially if you have a small room. Monitors are great because they guarantee less input lag compared to different TVs and are ideal for competing gamers.

Furthermore, the best gaming monitor for the PS4 offers excellent motion performance with impressive response times. Understanding everything a PS4 monitor can offer, from the contrast ratio to the refresh rate, is crucial. This comprehensive review will guide you in finding the best gaming monitor for the PS4 on the market.

1. ASUS VA327H – 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor:

ASUS is gaining a reputation as a great monitor brand. Its skillfully crafted design gives very little to complain about. If anyone wants to go for the biggest PC monitor they can hold by hand, it is best not to go beyond 32. The large screen still has this limit and allows images to be high pixelated. This monitor is very good with image quality. It depends on the VA panel. More display features that are a must-see with this monitor include support for true 8-bit color depth and a wider 178-degree viewing angle.

This suggests that one may not have a very clear image compared to a 24 monitor of the same resolution. For many demanding tasks that require close viewing and long hours of viewing, this may not be the best because the images are not clear and sharp. However, from a distance and in video games or movies, it can be a great buy. It also comes with a headphones jack and two 2W integrated speakers.


  • Large curved screen for gameplay immersion
  • For its features, it is not pricey
  • It is a gaming feature-rich


  • Not practical for PC use due to lower pixel thickness.
  • Visible ghosting in fast-paced games with dark scenes

2. BenQ ZOWIE RL2455 Gaming Monitor:

This is another great gaming monitor for ps4. It often appears as a professional choice for sports and is the successor to the famous BenQ RL2455HM 24-inch console gaming monitor. It’s about the fastest response time you can find in the market. The disadvantages of using this monitor are the narrow viewing angles and poor image quality. This will give you the best log performance when using the monitor. Its sweet log handling and super-fast response time make it a good choice for the ps4 gamer.

BenQ ZOWIE RL2455 Gaming Monitor

Improved detail resolution is a feature gained by using this monitor, thanks to its block equalizer. The two great features you will find using this monitor are smart scaling and display mode. This monitor is well designed to reduce reflection and distraction during gaming. It comes with an anti-glare screen coating and thick bezels. The design seems to allow space for your controllers to be placed, to the total credit angular base. It has a headphones jack, DVI, 2 HDMI ports, a VGA,  as well as two 2W speakers. This is great for PS4 gaming.


  • Useful gaming features
  • A sweet and sleek shape
  • A specially-designed frame minimizes visual distractions


  • On the higher end of a budget
  • Mount is tilted only enabled

3. LG 32MA70HY – Best 32″ IPS Gaming Monitor:

It is the cheapest alternative to the 32 ASUS VA327H. Although available at a low price, it is not skewed. It also adopted the IPS panel instead. This is beneficial as you will not have a recognizable ghost even while playing fast ps4 games. However, this is due to the presence of deep black colors. This monitor may not display the best contrasts, but it does have the best color accuracy and consistency. It also comes with reasonable viewing angles. It is important to ensure that the image colors and contrast are perfect even when viewed from distorted positions.

LG 32MA70HY – Best 32″ IPS Gaming Monitor

Another great selling point that this monitor has for PS4 gaming is the really good response time. In terms of features, this monitor may not come with many fancy gaming features, but it does support on-screen control, which allows you to adjust all the on-screen display menu settings in the desktop application. It comes with a screen split feature. It has a flicker-free and built-in low blue light filter. This feature is important in stress and reducing eye fatigue. For connectivity, the LG 32MA70HY PS4 monitor has a more flexible but very sleek design. It also comes with HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort.


  • Not pricey
  • Consistent colors
  • DisplayPort connector


  • Low pixel density


This list outlines some of the great gaming monitors for ps4 best buy in 2022. We advise the consumer to read the entire article before coming to a conclusion on which monitor to buy. Often what looks good to one visitor may not be so great to another. So even if this article came as a result of our highly educated research, the final choice will be yours. We hope the information provided above is definitely helpful to you.

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