How To Solve Dell Laptop Keyboard Locked – Here’s The Simple Steps

Dell Laptop Keyboard Locked

One of the most essential parts of a laptop or computer is the keyboard. Combined with the mouse, it allows you to easily guide programs. If you have a computer like the Dell computer, you will find that your keyboard can sometimes be locked. There are many reasons for this. Your hard drive may not have enough memory or your keyboard may be locked due to a virus.

You can also activate the keyboard lock function if you accidentally type in a random array of keys. If this happens, do not worry, there is still hope that you will solve the problem. There are many methods to unlock your Dell laptop’s keyboard and the article below will give you many ideas. Read on to learn more about unlocking your computer keyboard.

Simple Steps To Solve Dell Laptop Keyboard Locked:

  1. Check the Lock keys on your keyboard
  2. Back-up and restart.
  3. Remove the power source.
  4. Remove the keyboard.
  5. Changing the Accessibility Settings
  • Check the Lock keys on your keyboard:

Before panicking and feeling that your keyboard is useless, first check if the “NumLock” or “Function Lock” keys are lit. These are usually locked to certain parts of the keyboard. Make sure these are not activated before you proceed to the next steps. These keys appear at the top right of the keyboard, so check them first and make sure the keys are not lit.

  • Back-up and restart:

Assuming your mouse is still working, save the current amount of work using your mouse. Close all running programs and try restarting your computer. If your mouse does not work, or the cursor freezes, find the Dell power button and press it until the computer shuts down. Press the button again to restart the computer. Sometimes, your mouse and keyboard will work perfectly after you restart your computer.

  • Remove the power source:

If restarting does not work, consider shutting down your computer and unplugging it from the socket. Take a break before turning on your Dell computer again. If you are utilizing a laptop, terminate the battery from the unit. The battery pack is located under the laptop. The battery discharge latch holds it in place. Glide this latch and extract the battery from your laptop. Reattach the battery and let the laptop cool for a few minutes before turning it on again.

  • Remove the keyboard:

If these still do not work, shut down your Dell computer, disconnect the keyboard from the CPU, and try giving it some rest. Restart the computer and reattach your keyboard after your computer system completes its initial boot. You will be prompted to reinstall the keyboard. Install your keyboard as shortly as the system catches it.

  • Changing the Accessibility Settings:

If you find that your entire laptop keyboard is locked, you should resolve this issue by changing the accessibility settings.

  1. From the beginning, the menu goes to the control panel
  2. Go to the Ease of access center
  3. Then select the keyboard settings
  4. Turn off the toggles keys, switch keys, and filter keys.
  5. Then save the settings
  6. Exit this setting window by pressing OK.
  7. Inspect the keyboard and see if all the keys are working properly.
  • Check in the BIOS Menu:

You must enter the BIOS menu and see if the keyboard works in the BIOS menu. This way you can find out if there is a hardware problem or software problem.

  1. Restart your laptop
  2. When the BIOS menu boots, press the Del or Esc key to enter it.
  3. If the BIOS menu is open and you can easily navigate there using the arrow keys, the problem is with the software and not with the hardware. Conversely, if the BIOS does not boot when the BIOS keys are pressed, there is probably a hardware problem. A defective or loose connection between the motherboard and the keyboard can also cause this problem. You can also try connecting a wireless keyboard to your laptop.
  • Outdated Drivers:

  1. When upgrading the OS, older drivers will lock the keyboard.
  2. You need to get the latest drivers.
  3. So you need to update your laptop driver.
  4. You can also allow Windows to update drivers for you or download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Clean booting:

  1. If the keyboard inputs do not work properly you can boot clean.
  2. After that, check the keyboard.
  3. If the problem persists, any third-party software may cause the problem.
  • Uninstall Secondary Keyboards:

    You have previously added any other keyboard to your laptop, and then its driver can also interrupt with the settings and disable the main laptop keyboard. To overcome this problem, uninstall drivers that do not belong to your laptop’s primary keyboard.

  1. Open the device manager
  2. Make hidden devices visible by clicking on View, and then ‘Show hidden devices.
  3. Click the keyboard, and all the keyboard drivers will be listed in front of you.
  4. Uninstall the HID keyboard devices.
  • Conclusion:

The above are some of the things you can do to fix a laptop keyboard without being locked. If nothing works for you, take your laptop to a repair shop to get the keyword working properly. Then you may need to replace your keyboard. If the Dell keyboard is not within your budget then there are cheaper alternatives to it. Look around the office supply shops and you will find one that suits you and your budget. Take care of your keyboard from time to time. If you spill water or food on it, clean it immediately and leave it in the air to dry.

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