Defining a PRINCE2 Project for Management

Defining a PRINCE2 Project for Management
Defining a PRINCE2 Project for Management

-Defining Project

–    Knowledge/ Skill (the work)

*    PRINCE2 Project Management Knowledge (and Knowledge Management Certification)

Project management is an umbrella term that includes various processes such as Human Resource, Quality Management, Information Systems, Engineering, Procurement, etc. in addition to the more major projects such as construction, engineering, productions, etc. However, in its broader sense project is for all the little jobs/steps/activities that must be taken into account to accomplish the larger goal. Something taught on a PRINCE2 Course Belfast.

As jobs/goes progressed momentum began to build up for the larger job the project management came into existence. Project management is a process that mechanizes the process of planning, organizing, executing, and supervising all sorts of different business processes.

–    Project management

A number of hiring managers authorities have a problem in filling their senior positions with their preferred candidates, yet their organization still has difficulty cope with each hiring delay. This is where project management comes into play. By developing a process to recognize and manage individual efforts and team member talents, a process to develop achievements into measurable area/s means a reliable authoritative indicator on how well they match up to meet and exceed the desired outputs.

–    Measuring

By evaluating each job effort and team member talents to construct a team structure through this system, the authority creates a system of group KPI’s/metrics based upon job succeed/failures (and successes in addition to major successes). Using demonstrate-point; goal/project outcomes, standard specs, and expected outputs what’s measured is what’s valued.

–    Project Planning

This process helps continually group and exchange responsibilities among team members.

–    Project Planning management software

From project structure at the project level to all the individuals involved in the project.

–    Support

The authority has determined that the internal/external support is already used, is deemed unusable, costly, and/or undeniable. Nevertheless, all plans to prevent the problem continue as a project will have new features being added. The authority decides to “throw in the towel” or decide to participate in resource allocation. Or rather, the authority chooses to jump into project management planning without regard to other resources other than their own (e.g. Human Resources).

After the project has begun the authority doesn’t want to sit around and “wish it were off.” They want to move into action. Therefore, a separate project plan is created for each of the first projects being pursued and continues to be reviewed often as needed throughout the life of the project.

–    Project Control

These projects established on the existing infrastructure require an ongoing monitoring/achievement/improvement program to guard against “improvements” that aren’t as desperately needed as would be the case if the project had already been concluded, yet a new project initiated into the same pipeline as a more expensive and time-consuming program is being considered. And, to make matters worse, both the new program and the old one are in the middle of the busiest period of the year.

–    Project Review/Audit

Each project has its reward/corporate/intelligence for the organization, as yet it is time to “get real” with the real world and seek to make necessary process adjustments so the organization isn’t just reaping the proverbial “winning honey.”

–    Project Exit/Retrospect

The authority looks to the end of the cycle to learn for themselves the value of discipline and commitment. They are trying to create a better organizational structure to ensure strain, challenge, and edCHO unceasing.

–    ProjectSponsorship

At the end of the project, the authority gets the help of sponsorship for the next project.  This project is considered to be a second chance at bringing the project to a well deserved respect.

–    Project Controlling

After the sponsor of the previous project if this one without getting involved in the operational aspect of planning or for political reasons. To check on the completed project and to provide some final heading. This project should also closely monitor the past effort and determine if the ROI meets the process with a definite and quantifiable measure.

–    Project Turnaround

Once ” curtains are pulled” the authority looks to meet and have one of the many meetings, usually an introductory press conference to extend the life or close the gates.

This article/file is for personal use and each author is not responsible for the contents. This article review as I read it and it reflects only my opinions.

–    Project Structure

A template which the various departments follow.

–    Project Charter

The authority provides the authority of the organizational plan for each project. The plan must be evenly distributed, and I pay for what I receive.

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