How To Clean Your Smartphone Speaker In 2022 – Here’s The Simple Steps

Clean Your Smartphone Speaker

If the speaker on your phone does not provide the sound quality provided at the new time, you may need to set aside some time to clean it. When used regularly, the surface of the speaker attracts dirt and grime. And if you do not clean it for a long time, it will be covered with layers of dust and penetrate into the surface. Even if you keep your phone in your pocket or bag, it is easy for dirt and dirt to get seen in the ports. Phones attract more dust than other objects due to the electromagnetic field they generate. Most phone cases have cut-outs for easy access to ports. Since phones also repeatedly produce electromagnetic radiation, the accumulation of dirt is much faster than other items you carry with you.

And mobile phones and dirt usually affect all the terminals first or later so smartphones are exposed to all kinds of adverse weather conditions due to their own condition. Even if your smartphone is IP certified as water and dust resistant, it does not mean that at some point or another water will leak inside its holes, especially the speakers, in the worst case. . In this case, it sometimes causes these components to malfunction, causing them to be heard poorly or in very small quantities. Even at maximum volume. So, below we give you a complete guide on how to easily and quickly clean your mobile speakers.

Steps To Clean Your Smartphone Speaker:

  • Make Sure Your Hands Are Clean
  • Switch Off Your Phone
  • To Use a Toothbrush
  • Brush the Speaker Port
  • Wipe Your Phone
  • Clean the Headphone Jack
  • Use a toothpick
  • Using Tape
  • Use a Microfibre Cloth

Step1: Make Sure Your Hands Are Clean:

Wash your hands before cleaning your phone speaker. Yes, what you read is true. This will prevent dirt particles from being transferred to your phone. After washing your hands properly, dry them with a neat towel.

Step2: Switch Off Your Phone:

Before you start cleaning, turn off your phone. This is an important step. Never clean your phone while it is on.

Step3: To Use a Toothbrush:

After the phone is switched off, you can start cleaning. You will need a soft bristle toothbrush. It may even be an already used old toothbrush, however, make sure it is clean first! If you have your child’s spare toothbrush, you can also use it as baby toothbrushes are soft.

Step4: Brush the Speaker Port:

Check your phone to locate the speaker port. Using a toothbrush, scrub gently. When you clean the phone speakers, remember not to scrub hard because if the thorns get inside, they can damage your phone. Brush lightly to remove dirt particles. After you clean the dirt particles, gently shake your phone to get rid of the remaining dirt.

Step5: Wipe Your Phone:

Finally, wipe your phone clean to make sure there is no loose dirt on the surface. To do this, take a damp cloth. You can also add a drop of dishwashing liquid in a little water, soak your clothes in this mixture, and then wipe your phone. Our preferred choice is Wim Dishwash Gel, which is easily available in the market. Do not wipe your phone with a damp cloth; Make sure you squeeze the cloth properly before touching the cloth on the surface of your phone.

Step6: Clean the Headphone Jack:

After cleaning is complete, allow the surface to dry. After that wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth to remove all the moisture. If you find dirt on your headphone jack and want to clean it, we can give you an easy tip. Just take a thin cotton bud and push it slightly into the hole. Now, rotate it to remove the dirt from all sides of the hole. Remove the cotton swab. It removes a lot of dirt. If any dirt remains, repeat the step again. Remember not to jam the cotton bud tightly inside the hole.

Step7: Use a toothpick:

Using a toothpick is the ultimate and last technique! If there is any buildup in your phone speaker grill that does not come with other techniques, it will definitely work. Be very careful because it is possible to scratch your phone with a toothpick or damage the speakers if you press too hard. It may seem strange, but it works! Use the toothpick tip and carefully remove all dirt or debris that may have accumulated on your Phone speaker grill without touching any other part of the surface. It helps to build up dirt that is really sticky.

Step8: Using Tape:

Take a small piece of tape and roll it to form a cylindrical shape. Make sure the adhesive side is facing outwards. Tap the tape on your phone speaker. The adhesive side of the tape attracts most of the accumulated dirt in and around your speakers. Remember that a piece of tape can become dirty. Repeat the step until you see dirt on the tape. This indicates that most of the dirt has been removed.

Step9: Use a Microfibre Cloth:

Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning because they remove dirt and grime without scratching. No wonder people are constantly using them to clean screens and similar surfaces. This is a great way to keep your phone speakers clean without getting dirty hands or using abrasive surfaces such as paper towels that scratch your screen and speaker grills. This useful technique does not work for super dirty phones but it does the trick if you constantly clean them without having to wait for ages until it is too late.


Cleaning your Phone speakers is an important step in keeping them looking like new so make sure to do it from time to time as well! To keep things easy we recommend steps above and doing that at least once every couple of weeks. We hope those steps are definitely useful to clean your smartphone speakers.

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