Best Smartphones For Vlogging In 2022 – You Should Know

Smartphones For Vlogging In 2022

Smartphones For Vlogging In 2022: Technology is advancing these days and so are people. They prefer to use a single device for multiple purposes rather than using multiple devices. Therefore, the best phone for vlogging is useful when you do not want to invest in a vlogging camera. The majority of viewers are looking to have a smartphone that can also be used for blogging. Some vloggers use multiple devices in a single video, but some vloggers prefer to keep the number of devices low.

We are also going to discuss some of the best smartphones available in the market. If we take a deeper look at this, a smartphone or regular cell phone brings a lot of benefits. You can easily record your video on high-quality cameras and the cell phone is always portable. All your work is stored on your phone along with a variety of video editors so you can take it wherever you want.

5 Best Smartphones For Vloggers in 2022:

  • Apple iPhone XS Max
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro

1. Apple iPhone XS Max:

Many people expect the iPhone XS Max to top the list of best phones for vlogging. This device gives you a wide-angle full-screen view and there is no doubt about the design and build quality of Apple products. When it comes back to the iPhone XS Max, it comes with a bright Retina display with full-color resolution. Overall, this is a very useful component, especially for vloggers.

Apple iPhone XS MaxAs far as its video quality is concerned, you get HD 4K video recording at a very good fps rate. This device can capture life in full HDR mode for you and its 12 MP dual cameras along with dual OIS are available to support and maintain excellent video performance. That being said, you can’t compare this 4K footage to what is going to be produced by a 4K vlogging camera. It gives you 64GB of storage and comes with a 4GB DDR4 RAM bionic chip processor. It is the most easily available product in the market and the choice of Face ID is also very easy because it makes your iPhone very secure.


  • It is coming with 12MP dual cameras
  • Water-resistant and dust-resistant
  • Retina display is quite handy


  • The iPhone XS Max is not available to everyone and its average battery life is one of the major drawbacks. Clearly, when you shoot in 4K, you can not expect your cell phone to supply you with a long-lasting battery.

2. Samsung Galaxy S9:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was released a few years ago, but it’s too early, to be honest. The device has an Infinity display with a 5.8-inch screen, which makes it a great choice for Vloggers. The 12MP camera lens allows you to take some stunning pictures and cover beautiful shots. You can also enjoy its 4K video mode at a constant fps rate so that you get quality results.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Its 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space are enough to attract any customer and you will also get the extra SD card luxury on Android phones. You will also get better battery life compared to some of the most popular and flagship models.


  • Suits outdoor vloggers.
  • 2x optical zoom is pretty good.
  • Huge display.


  • When you are shooting video in 4K way, you might get some heating problems and they are quite evident as well.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

The Samsung Note series also impresses with its camera features and other technical features. The next phone for vlogging on our list is this amazing Samsung Note 9, which comes with some amazing features and it is especially famous for its large battery. If you have a good battery, vlogging will be a lot easier as there are a lot of elements when you talk about extreme vlogging. These factors consume a lot of battery and the Note 9 does a very good job in this regard.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9The 6.4-inch display is larger than the other Samsung phones we have reviewed so far and the wide-angle display definitely gives you an enormous viewing experience. The device comes with a density of 514 PPI and the 6.4-inch large display is an added luxury provided by the company. You will experience beautiful and stunning full HD colors. The phone display is fully HDR compliant and you can only receive high-quality images. The end features are much more impressive than its opening features. You will receive a highly powerful battery of 4000 mAh along with 128 GB of storage space and 6GB of RAM. These features are simply unavoidable and if you are looking to get a Samsung phone for vlogging it is also a very suitable option available at a reasonable price.


  • Huge display.
  • 2x optical zoom is pretty good.
  • Optical Image stabilization along with 4K video recording.
  • Suits outdoor vloggers.


  • When you’re shooting video in 4K mode, you might feel some heating issues and they’re quite evident as well.

4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro:

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the most valuable gift for mobile bloggers around the world. It comes with an indefinite appearance along with a perfectly slim and sleek design. The price is also very affordable at $ 600 and the availability of full HD video quality is another outstanding feature. The 6.39-inch large display is basically an AMOLED Infinity display.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The front camera device features a single notch at the top and along with its 24MP camera lens the 3x optical zoom is the main reason behind its exceptional performance in both video and photography sections. You can also enjoy 4K video mode at 30 fps. You get 128 GB of storage space and there is also a 6GB RAM variant for quick processing. The huge 4200 mAh battery is also very convenient and can be used for logging phones.


  • It is an ideal device for vlogging.
  • It has a huge 4200 mAh battery.
  • The display is also pretty huge at 6.39-inch.


  • There is no guarantee for US buyers to buy this device.

5. Huawei Mate 10 Pro:

Huawei has many flagship phones that are great in their own ways but for the sake of vlogging, we are going to end our Huawei list with the Mate 10 Pro. This is also the only model left suitable for vlogging. First of all, it comes with a pretty heavy 6-inch display along with excellent PPI density and pleasant colors. It allows you to create lovely videos with breathtaking sharpness and detailed results.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Like its successors, the Mate 10 Pro provided by Huawei is also known for producing 4K video recording when used for shooting at a constant 30 fps rate. It also gives you better resolution in 4K video recording mode. The 128 GB built-in storage is also quite impressive and its 6GB RAM plays a huge role in attracting more buyers. You can expand the memory at any time by adding an additional memory card. The powerful 4000 mAh battery produces efficient and long video sessions. It’s okay if you are using different apps on your phone at the same time because it does not stop or log in.


  • It comes with a huge 6-inch display.
  • Build quality is robust.
  • It has a slim and lightweight design.
  • It also has 402 PPI densities.
  • You’d get 4K video recording as well.


  • It doesn’t have a notched display.
  • It also works on older Android versions. However, you can update to the latest versions after purchasing it.


It is important to understand that vlogging is a rapidly evolving trend. In almost every country in the world, it is puberty and people want to make it easier. This is still happening now and there are also people who only use mobile‌ to shoot all sorts of things. We have reviewed the top ten best phones for vlogging with minute details and now the audience is totally like to decide what they want. We have reviewed iPhones, Samsung, and Huawei phones in this list but vlogging phones are not just limited to these three brands. You will also find other options that are very suitable for vlogging and they come from other manufacturers.

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