Basic Setup & Equipments Required To Make A Documentary Movie – The Best Buying Guide

Basic Setup Required For A Documentary Movie

Some filmmakers assume that making a documentary film is as easy as having a good concept or idea, recording video footage, and showing it to a small audience. But, it is not that easy, making a documentary film is can cost you many years. Whereas, creating a documentary film can be one of the most challenging. It also includes many types of equipment, scripts, actors, and most important audiences. In this article, you will find details about the basic setup required for a documentary movie. Below you will find the basic gear to make a Documentary movie and also other essential that help to make your Documentary Movie better. This, in fact, is a buying guide for people who want to make a documentary movie.

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What Is a Documentary Movie?

Firstly, documentary movies are usually shorter in length. The main purpose of Documentary movies is to provide information or awareness about anything (places, services, history ..etc). Nowadays, a lot of Documentary movies are seen and all thanks to YouTube and similar video social media platforms to make documentary easily accessible.  Not only that, but Documentary Movies are also done as a practice for filmmaking. In fact, there is a lot of Documentary movies contest going online. All of this started from the year 1900 and until now this Documentary industry has evolved drastically. In the year 1926, the term documentary movie got evolved.

Rest all is history and the current future has advanced technology easily accessible to everyone. Hence, it has become easy for everyone to Make A Documentary Film.

Basic Setup Required For Documentary Movie

1. Camera

For shooting a documentary film you will need two cameras which you can use from two different angles. Whereas, you can choose any camera depending on the type of documentary film, where you’ll be choosing your film and your budget. The better the camera quality the better the video quality of your documentary film. Hence, we suggest you buy a camera body. There several options available online and some of our recommendations are mentioned below.

We know that most of the people reading this article are a beginner or a semi-professional movie maker. Hence, we have mentioned some bets budget cameras for Movie Making,

2. Lenses

Before making a documentary you will need some basic lenses. Lenses should be selected as per the angles and range you are going to shoot. Even if you have a basic camera, some good lense can make a huge difference. You would require lense to make a close shot, a long shot, and a full body shot. Hence, you would require three types of camera lenses to fulfill your requirement.

If you have any other camera and want some more recommendation, please let us know in the comment below.

3. Reflectors

Firstly, when you start shooting your documentary you will need reflectors. Whereas, you have to control the lighting for the subject. There are three types of reflectors Black, White, and Silver which you can use according to your lighting. Also, you can use low priced five in one reflector to enhance natural light. For a budget studio setup, CFL softbox lights could be a good choice. The best choice for shooting a documentary film is in outdoor. Also, you can use the Thermocol sheet to control the lights.

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