Why PS5 Controller Not Charging? How To Fix It? – Here’s Simple Solutions In 2022

PS5 Controller Not Charging

The PS5 Controller is the first gamepad released by Sony Computer Entertainment for its PlayStation home video game console. Based on the basic button configuration embellished with Nintendo’s Super NES controller, the PlayStation controller has added a second pair of shoulder buttons for the middle fingers. However, many users report that the PS5 controller did not charge while playing the issue. This problem indicates that the PS5 controller did not charge when trying to start and play the game on the PC or console with the PS5 controller connected/attached.

Since Sony launched its next-generation console, the PlayStation5 DualSense controller, the PS5 controller has not been charged on recurring complaints from aspiring gamers. If your PS5 controller is not charging when plugged in, you do not need to worry as you are not alone. Ideally, when you press and hold the PS5 button. The charge level of the battery should appear on the screen when the light turns orange to indicate that it is charging. In the end, you should get 8 solid gaming hours from a single charge. However, this does not apply to most people because the controller refuses to fully charge or is not fully charged. In this guide, you will learn about the various reasons why your PS5 controller may not charge and what you can do to fix the problem.

How To Fix The PS5 Controller Not Charging:

If you have trouble charging your PS5 controller. In this Troubleshooting Guide, we will explain the causes of this problem and how to fix it.

1. Use another charging cable:

Use another charging cable

The first thing you want to do is check the charging cable in your controller to see if there is a problem with the cable. One way to do that is to use the same charging cable to charge another PS5 controller. If the controller does not charge, it means you have a problem with the cable. If you can not find another controller to try the cable, you can use another cable in your primary cable.

Either way, you can decide whether or not to invest in a new charging cable. If you want to permanently fix the PS5 controller not charging problem, make sure it is original, ranging from Type-C to Type-A. It is important to note that USB hubs are not reliable, as they may fail after some time due to poor product quality leading to a lower power transfer rate, so use a separate cable instead.

2. Clean out the USB ports:

Most people are not aware that USB ports can accumulate dirt, so they should never inspect them and remove dirt and foreign objects. Loose contact between the ports can interfere with the power supply, so check the ports to see if there is anything on both the USB ports and your PlayStation 5 console. If you find yourself blocking the connection or damaging the USB ports in any way, gently remove the dirt using a compressed air can. Avoid placing anything inside the port to clean the port as it may damage the port. And if the PS5 controller is not charging even after you clean the dirt, you will need to replace the charging port by the official seller or get it directly from the PlayStation official website.

3. Use a charging dock:

Use a charging dock

If you have a charging dock, try using it to power up your controller. The charging dock is more reliable than the cable, which is easily damaged. Additionally, you will benefit from having your controllers on the floor and having one that will help keep them in order and safe. If you do not have one, you can buy a proprietary unit or get a third-party charging dock if you are looking for a more affordable unit.

4. Update your controller firmware:

Update your controller firmware

Most people will skip checking for updates until the problem pops up, but you should check for updates from time to time to see if there is a charging problem. The general reason is that most newer devices come with bugs and the PlayStation 5 DualSense is no exception. Like most manufacturers, Sony releases updates from time to time to fix these bugs, so you may want to update both your PS5 controller.

Here’s how to check and update your controller firmware.

  • Make sure your PS5 is connected to the Internet.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to System> System Software
  • And then System Software Update and Settings> System Software Update.
    Now wait for the system to check for updates and if it does update, do not try to turn off your PS5.

5. Reset your PlayStation 5 Controller:

Reset your PlayStation 5 Controller

This step should be a last resort if each other solution fails. Disconnect the controller from the console or from the charging port. This indicates that the console is not a problem but firmware-related. Resetting your controller will restore its factory reset status. Here’s how to reset your PlayStation 5 controller.

  • Check for a small hole under the L2 button. This hole is the reset button.
  • Insert a needle or toothpick to press the button in this hole.
  • Hold down the button for a few seconds.
  • Release it and you will see a controller reset to fix the failure


If none of the above methods work for you, it is safe to say that your console or controller is damaged. And it’s time for you to knock on the Sony service center door or you can contact them online. Opens in a new tab. If your PS5 is under warranty and the damage is not physical, you will need to replace your controller or console. We hope we can guide you through understanding why your PS5 controller may not be charging and what you can do to help prevent this from happening again in the future.

How Can You Fix Error Code CE-34878-0 On PS4 – Here’s The Simple Methods In 2022

Fix Error Code CE-34878-0 On PS4

To Fix Error Code CE-34878-0 On PS4: CE-34878-0 is an error that causes the game you are playing to crash suddenly. Many users playing Witcher 3, Sims, etc. have reported this issue. According to users, an error appears when the game is started. Shortly after the game starts, the game crashes. There are reports that the error disappears after restarting the game. However, many people were unable to restart the game.

But do not worry, we are here to help you with some tips and some techniques that actually work. Let’s look at some possibilities. When you play PS4 games, you usually get this error code. Sometimes it even displays as CE-36329-3. Games and applications will crash when this error occurs. Typically, this can be caused by corrupted PS4 data or system software issues. Below are some methods to assist you to solve this issues.

6 Methods To Fix Error Code CE-34878-0 On PS4:

  • Updating The Game Software
  • Restart the PS4 Console
  • Re-install The Game Again On Your Ps4
  • Ps4 System Software Needs To Be Updated
  • Use the Original HDD
  • Contact Sony Support

1. Updating The Game Software:

Updating The Game Software

This problem can also be caused by unknown bugs in the game. The CE-34878-0 error is also fixed by updating the game to update to the latest patches. This can be done in three ways. In the PS4 settings, check for updates

If you want to update the game, you can check for updates. The steps are as follows:

1. To update a game, highlight it on the PS4 home screen.

2. On the PS4 controller, press the options button. press Update Now.

3. Install any known updates by observing the wizard.

4. Restart the PS4 and try playing the game again to see if it works now.

2. Restart the PS4 Console:

We highly recommend that you try the basic techniques to solve the problem before moving on to complex solutions. Restarting the console machine is one of them. PS4 Error Code CE-34878-0 Fixed PS4 issues by closing the console completely and then restarting the console.

1. End the game. Turn off the PS4.

2. Remove the power cord from the socket.

3. Wait at least two minutes.

4. Connect the power cord to the socket again.

5. Now turn on PlayStation.

6. Run the game after launching PS4. See if the error persists.

3. Re-install The Game Again On Your Ps4:

Re-install The Game Again On Your Ps4

Trying to uninstall and reinstall the game, updating the game directly may not work. Before uninstalling the game, save the game data. This will ensure that you do not lose your progress.

1. Open the PS4 settings. Select Application Saved Data Management.

2. Alternatively, you can save the data saved in the system storage to your PS4 system. If you insert a USB drive into your PlayStation, you can select the data saved on the USB storage device.

3. Complete by observing the instructions on your screen.

4. Next, go to PS4 Settings. Navigate to System Storage Management. Select Applications.

5. Highlight the game that is causing the problem.

6. Click on Options. And then click Delete.

7. Restart the PS4.

8. Reinstall the game. And then try restarting it.

4. Ps4 System Software Needs To Be Updated:

Ps4 System Software Needs To Be Updated

You may have experienced system crashes on your PlayStation that caused a CE-34878-0 error. To resolve this issue, try updating the system software. Here are the steps.

1. Get your PS4 online.

2. Navigate to PS4 settings. Click on System Software Update.

3. If updates are available, select Update. In the latest version of PS4, you will not see this message. So, you can skip this step.

4. Download the update. When the update is downloaded, a popup notification will appear to remind you.

5. Go to Notifications on the PS4 Home screen. Click on Downloads. Install the update by following the instructions.

6. Run it again to see if the game works now.

5. Use the Original HDD:

Use the Original HDD

A recent upgrade to your hard disk drive (HDD) may also affect game performance. You can try to solve this problem by reinstalling your original HDD on your PS4. You will need to back up the data on your PS4 before you can reinstall the original HDD.

1. Back up your PS4 data to a USB storage device.

2. Select Settings from the menu. Next, select System. Click Backup and Restore.

3. Decide what data you want to back up. If you decide not to back up the application, you will need to download or reinstall the application.

4. Name the backup according to your preference. And then, click Backup. And then, click X.

5. Wait a few minutes for the method to finish.

6. Reinstall your PS4 original HDD after backup.

7. Re-test your games after installation.

6. Contact Sony Support:

Contact Sony Support

Unfortunately, if the problem persists even after trying all the methods mentioned above it may be beyond our capabilities. In such a case, you should contact Sony for help. You will need to send your PS4 back for repairs. Alternatively, you may need to replace your PS4. If your PS4 is under warranty, it should not cost too much.


This concludes this troubleshooting guide error code CE-34878-0 on PS4. The solutions we provide here have been tried and tested. We analyze the causes as well as the solutions. Let’s hope it is fixed.

Top 3 Smartwatches With Camera – That You Can Buy in 2022

Top 5 Smartwatch With Camera

Remembering those memories takes us back to the path of memory of some unforgettable times. The importance of the camera in today’s world is undefinable. It has become a pin in your life. From taking photos of street criminals to sharing an adorable moment between your toddler and pet dog, the camera covers many aspects of our lives. In the beginning, one had to work very hard to get this amazing device. With the invention of smartphones, we have seen that cameras are now included in pocket devices making them easier to access.

Skipped further into the latest technology and now we have them on our wrists. These watches allow you to easily take pictures and record videos, so you can capture all your memories without having to carry a special device. If you search the market, you will not find cameras on popular smartwatches. You will find non-branded devices with extra fancy features like cameras in them. However, even with known brand smartwatches, we still have iPhone and Android compatibility issues. Do you think there are no compatibility issues with non-brands? We are not saying there will definitely be problems; We tell you to check it out before you buy. Visit the store physically or ask the seller directly. If you get a satisfactory answer, no problem, right? In this article, we will talk about the best smartwatch with a camera.

1.AllCall GT 4G Dual Camera Smartwatch:

The AllCall GT 4G smartwatch has overall performance. The watch demands a few nickels out of your pocket but is worth every penny you spend on it. The watch has a beautiful and unique round dial of 1.6 inches with ceramic bezels and we can assure you that it is the most premium in watch looks and feel. The straps are interchangeable and you will find different types of them. The type of display on the watch keeps it in a unique position. You may have heard of this feature in high-end smartphones. Well, this smartwatch is a feature beast. The watch supports facial recognition and captures 1068 facial features to identify your face.

AllCall GT 4G Dual Camera Smartwatch

The feature keeps your watch safe and secure. Coming on camera quality. The clock shines most brightly in this area. With its 8mp HD camera, the watch makes sure no other competitors get too close to it. Along with this 8mp camera, you also get a 2.0mp shooter. You can use cameras to take photos with your family, record HD videos and make video calls. The 2 cameras provided are in convenient locations. The front-facing 2.0 mp camera allows you to take better selfies. Do not expect too high-quality results but the megapixel count is more than enough to display on the watch screen. However, the 8mp camera placed on the right side of the dial delivers great high-quality images.


  • Standalone watch
  • HD Video recording
  • Face Unlock
  • 8mp+2mp camera


  • The watch is a little expensive


  • Comfortable silicone strap
  • Video calls
  • Comfortable silicone strap
  • 3-5 days of battery life

2. Sazooy Smartwatch With Camera:

The Sazooy Smartwatch is an economical watch that offers amazing features for the price range. The design is similar to the Apple Watch. As already mentioned, the watch looks very similar to the Apple Watch. The watch looks classy and the strap feels premium to the hand. It offers a substantial screen on a square-shaped dial. Battery life is not great. It lasts up to 1 day on average consumption. Independent consumption can cause huge losses of juice. We were amazed to have a camera with such a small price tag.

Sazooy Smartwatch With Camera

The camera hardware in the watch provides just 0.3 mp of captured images. Yes, we know the camera quality is low but the results are not as bad practice as in the paper. The small camera works well for displaying images on a small smartwatch screen. We loved the remote camera feature. With this, you can capture photographs from your watch on your smartphone. The camera module is on the bottom right. The location makes it easy to take your photos.


  • Standalone watch
  • 0.3mp camera
  • Remote camera feature
  • Standalone watch


  • Poor battery


  • Pedometer and sleep monitor
  • Make calls and send texts
  • Remote camera
  • Front-facing camera

3. Aeifond Smartwatch With Camera:

The iPhone watch is similar to the Saju watch. It has almost the same features as the Sajui watch. The resemblance of the watch to the Apple Watch and the Saju watch is remarkable. This watch follows the famous square dial trend. The watch can be easily disguised as a high-end watch, at least depending on its look and feel. We have such rhetoric here again. The battery lasts for a day and SIM card usage further reduces the battery life.

Aeifond Smartwatch With Camera

Maximum battery life of 2 days with minimal usage. You will find the camera in a similar position to the Saju watch. The 0.3mp camera gives blurry photos that only look good on a smartwatch screen. Captured photos are saved to an external SD card. The remote camera feature allows you to take photos from your smartwatch on your smartphone. The camera sits in the lower right corner of the watch, making it easy to capture a photo.


  • SD card and Sim card option
  • Basic activity tracking
  • 0.3 mp camera
  • Great value for money


  • A poor battery life


  • Square-shaped dial
  • Activity and sleep tracking
  • SD card option and remote music control


This concludes our review of the best smartwatch with a camera. The smartwatches listed above are the best products on the market right now and you will be working hard to find the best smartwatches with cameras. However, whenever you are ready to buy a smartwatch, make sure you check the features of the watch to find one that fits your needs.

How To Remove Water From Your Charging Port – Here’s The 7 Easy Ways in 2022

How To Remove Water From Your Charging Port

Nowadays people depend on mobile phones for almost everything – for example, shopping, banking, gaming, photography, and messaging. But since they are so inevitable, we are very careful about the battery levels. It is not uncommon for phones to accidentally fall into the water. It can leave water in your charging port in the bathroom, swimming pool, kitchen, or anywhere on the beach. Most latest phones are water-resistant and will not be damaged by moisture.

Having water in your charging port can damage your phone a lot, as it prevents your phone from being charged and powered directly. Not to mention the fact that it injects water directly into the interiors of your latest smartphones. This article explains how to get water from the phone charging port. And what steps are required for complete drying? It also covers tips to prevent device damage and save repair costs.

7 Easy Ways To Remove Water From Your Charging Port:

  • Leave Your Phone Out To Dry
  • Use a Toothpick To Remove Debris
  • By Using Kitchen Tissue
  • Use Compressed Air
  • Use Rice
  • To Use Cloth
  • Contact Customer Support

1. Leave Your Phone Out To Dry:

Leave your phone out to dry

Keep your phone in a dry environment like a cupboard for a few hours so that it stays dry. You can also place your phone in front of the fan so that your phone gets enough air to stay dry. What to do if your phone falls into the water? You can leave your phone near the window or in the sun for a few hours so that your phone gets enough air and warmth and dries quickly. However, when placing it outside or near a window, keep in mind that it should never come in contact with water again. Do not place your phone in front of a heater or bulb, as excessive heat from these appliances can damage your phone.

2. Use a Toothpick To Remove Debris:

Use a Toothpick To Remove Debris

Smartphone USB port compact. Use a toothpick or needle or paper pin to pull the water out of the lightning port. Now gently swab the phone with the charging port fronting the earth. Turn on the phone. If you do not see the moisture warning message, you are advised to use your smartphone.

3.  By Using Kitchen Tissue:

Use Kitchen Tissue

Kitchen tissue papers are made to soak in water and oil. They have high liquid absorption properties. Use the insert inside and corner of the kitchen tissue phone charging port. Hold there for at least 5 seconds. Remove the corner, this method will work if it is wet. Repeat this process with the new corner each time. If you have to repeat this process many times, shred the paper into small pieces

4. Use Compressed Air:

Use compressed air

Try using compressed air to clean your charging port. Make sure there is no debris near the face of the charging port, and then use compressed air can force the pressure in and out. This is one of the fastest ways to drain water from USB charging ports. And the best way to clean it. This point helps to save the phone charging port if the amount of water in the charging port is high. Although it does not help you to remove moisture from the phone charging port or phone, it does remove a large amount of water from the phone charging port. You can repeat this process several times until you feel that the phone charging port is secure. For moisturizing, use any of the procedures mentioned in the following simple ways.

5. Use Rice:

Use Rice

The most common way people try to get water out of their phones is rice. To dry the charging port, place your phone in a cup of dry rice as soon as it comes in contact with water. Keep your phone in the cup for at least 2 hours or overnight before checking to see if the port is dry.

6.  To Use Cloth:
Use Cloth

Use a cotton swab or soft cloth to soak up the remaining water inside the lightning port. Place a cotton swab or cloth over the face of the phone charging port. Press the cotton swab on the lightning port opening. The contact should be as tight as possible. Repeat this process two to three times with multiple cleansers. Cotton is the most absorbent material. Water droplets get trapped inside the cotton fibers. Charging ports are small, but cotton fibers are small. Be sure to pick up these remaining fiber strands with tweezers.

7. Contact Customer Support:

Contact customer support

If all else fails, get the device out of the store to request a service or replacement. Any parts that are defective or broken due to liquid exposure. For the latest Android devices, check with your phone customer support about service and warranty. Warranty and service conditions vary from brand to brand. Use an alternative phone borrowed from a family member or friend. Do not turn on your phone to make calls. Do not use the phone charging port in any way before talking to customer support.


If you accidentally drop your phone into the water, do not panic. First, turn off your phone and take it home in a warm place. Then, with a clean, soft towel, get rid of excess ice. You can try the above methods to remove moisture and dry your phone. Alternatively. In case any of the policies fail to work for you, contact your phone manufacturer’s nearest customer care.

How To Fix Your Smartphones Ghost Touch Problems – Here’s The Solutions In 2022

Smartphones Ghost Touch Problems

Android phones are user-friendly, from which you can do whatever you want. But at the same time, there are many bugs or issues that come with the device. Ghost touch is a simple thing to experience and it can be really annoying. A touch screen that is unresponsive or malfunctioning makes it impossible to use our Android smartphone. It was very discouraging and annoying.  If you encounter automatic touch and taps on your screen or some unresponsive dead area on the screen, you may be a Ghost Touch victim.

Ghost Touch usually refers to inputs that you accidentally touch or touch your phone screen. This varies from device to device but this is normal as most users report the case. Some iPhone models such as the Motorola Moto G4 Plus, OnePlus, Huawei phones, and the iPhone 12 series are also some of the popular devices that have been found to be suffering from Ghost Touch. In this article, we will explain to you what causes it and how to fix it yourself.

1. Force Restart Your Smartphone:

Force Restart Your Smartphone

When you encounter a Ghost Touch problem on your phone or any other, you are advised to restart your phone once. Doing so will remove any glitches or bugs running on the phone and your phone will work smoothly. However, as far as the problem is concerned, restarting the device may be problematic but still, it is the most suggested solution.

2. Use A High-Quality Charger:

Use A High-Quality Charger

Many users come across a Ghost Touch error while charging their devices. So, in this situation, you need to replace the charger and use another one that is fully compatible. It is a good idea to use your phone’s original charger. But it is highly recommended to get a new charger from its official store when it shows an error.

3. Disconnect The Charging Cable:

Disconnect The Charging Cable

The Ghost Touch problem often occurs when you connect your device to a wall outlet. This usually happens when the charger quality is low. Some other function is not working properly and an error pops up somewhere. So if any of you encounter a Ghost Touch problem while charging the device it is advisable to disconnect it. You can try charging your phone with another cable or check to see if there is anything wrong with the charger. If so, also replace the charger and see if the problem still exists.

4. Clean The Display:

Clean The Display

Another simple trick suggested to fix the Ghost Touch issue on Android phones is to clean the display. While this may seem silly to most people, it often helps. The cleaning process is very simple, just take a damp soft cloth and wipe the screen. Dry the cloth to clean the screen and wipe it again. It’s easy to follow and is one of the best ways to prevent any dust or dirt from getting on the screen and make your phone look like a Ghost Touch.

5. Factory Reset Android Phone:

Factory Reset Android Phone

When you are constantly experiencing Ghost Touch problems on your Android phone, you need to go for a factory reset. Many users have done this and suggested that they fix Ghost Touch on an Android phone. But before you proceed, it is advisable to back up all your items as there is a possibility of losing the data stored on the phone.

After you have successfully backed up your data, follow these steps to perform a factory reset on your Android phone:

  • Open the settings on your phone
  • And then, Backup & Reset> Factory Data Reset> Phone Reset> Open Erase Everything

That’s it, your phone will be completely reset and it will become brand new. And now your Ghost Touch problem is solved.

6. Remove Your Screen Protector & Case:

Remove Your Screen Protector & Case

Do you have a screen protector on your smartphone or is there a case to protect the device from any external damage? Well, everyone uses screen protectors on their devices to prevent any scratches or other problems on the display. However, these things often make you suffer from ghost touch problems. If any kind of dirt or moisture accidentally enters between the protector and the touchscreen, the touch will not work properly. It is therefore advisable to remove the screen protector and its case and then see if the problem persists.

7. Take Your Phone To Repair Shop:

Take Your Phone To Repair Shop

You can take your different devices to any repair shop when nothing works for you. There, they can properly diagnose the problem and change the whole look to make it work again. Now, replacing the touch panel is very expensive and replacing the entire assembly is very expensive. However, according to the problem, the repair shop owners will do their part and make your phone work as before.


So, here are some methods you can try to fix the Ghost Touch issue of your smartphone. Try each method to see which method actually works for your device. If any of these can work for you and solve the problem, you are in luck, but if all these methods do not solve the Ghost Touch problem of your device, unfortunately, there is no hope. However, it is best to think positively and expect the best. Finally, we hope you understand this article and that it really helps you to solve your problem.

3 Best Gaming Monitors For PS4 – That You Can Buy in 2022

Gaming Monitors For PS4

PS4 monitors have evolved, thus offering more benefits including a remarkable display. Finding the best gaming monitor for the PS4 can help enhance your experience. Gaming screens offer the perfect space-saving option compared to widescreen TVs, especially if you have a small room. Monitors are great because they guarantee less input lag compared to different TVs and are ideal for competing gamers.

Furthermore, the best gaming monitor for the PS4 offers excellent motion performance with impressive response times. Understanding everything a PS4 monitor can offer, from the contrast ratio to the refresh rate, is crucial. This comprehensive review will guide you in finding the best gaming monitor for the PS4 on the market.

1. ASUS VA327H – 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor:

ASUS is gaining a reputation as a great monitor brand. Its skillfully crafted design gives very little to complain about. If anyone wants to go for the biggest PC monitor they can hold by hand, it is best not to go beyond 32. The large screen still has this limit and allows images to be high pixelated. This monitor is very good with image quality. It depends on the VA panel. More display features that are a must-see with this monitor include support for true 8-bit color depth and a wider 178-degree viewing angle.

This suggests that one may not have a very clear image compared to a 24 monitor of the same resolution. For many demanding tasks that require close viewing and long hours of viewing, this may not be the best because the images are not clear and sharp. However, from a distance and in video games or movies, it can be a great buy. It also comes with a headphones jack and two 2W integrated speakers.


  • Large curved screen for gameplay immersion
  • For its features, it is not pricey
  • It is a gaming feature-rich


  • Not practical for PC use due to lower pixel thickness.
  • Visible ghosting in fast-paced games with dark scenes

2. BenQ ZOWIE RL2455 Gaming Monitor:

This is another great gaming monitor for ps4. It often appears as a professional choice for sports and is the successor to the famous BenQ RL2455HM 24-inch console gaming monitor. It’s about the fastest response time you can find in the market. The disadvantages of using this monitor are the narrow viewing angles and poor image quality. This will give you the best log performance when using the monitor. Its sweet log handling and super-fast response time make it a good choice for the ps4 gamer.

BenQ ZOWIE RL2455 Gaming Monitor

Improved detail resolution is a feature gained by using this monitor, thanks to its block equalizer. The two great features you will find using this monitor are smart scaling and display mode. This monitor is well designed to reduce reflection and distraction during gaming. It comes with an anti-glare screen coating and thick bezels. The design seems to allow space for your controllers to be placed, to the total credit angular base. It has a headphones jack, DVI, 2 HDMI ports, a VGA,  as well as two 2W speakers. This is great for PS4 gaming.


  • Useful gaming features
  • A sweet and sleek shape
  • A specially-designed frame minimizes visual distractions


  • On the higher end of a budget
  • Mount is tilted only enabled

3. LG 32MA70HY – Best 32″ IPS Gaming Monitor:

It is the cheapest alternative to the 32 ASUS VA327H. Although available at a low price, it is not skewed. It also adopted the IPS panel instead. This is beneficial as you will not have a recognizable ghost even while playing fast ps4 games. However, this is due to the presence of deep black colors. This monitor may not display the best contrasts, but it does have the best color accuracy and consistency. It also comes with reasonable viewing angles. It is important to ensure that the image colors and contrast are perfect even when viewed from distorted positions.

LG 32MA70HY – Best 32″ IPS Gaming Monitor

Another great selling point that this monitor has for PS4 gaming is the really good response time. In terms of features, this monitor may not come with many fancy gaming features, but it does support on-screen control, which allows you to adjust all the on-screen display menu settings in the desktop application. It comes with a screen split feature. It has a flicker-free and built-in low blue light filter. This feature is important in stress and reducing eye fatigue. For connectivity, the LG 32MA70HY PS4 monitor has a more flexible but very sleek design. It also comes with HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort.


  • Not pricey
  • Consistent colors
  • DisplayPort connector


  • Low pixel density


This list outlines some of the great gaming monitors for ps4 best buy in 2022. We advise the consumer to read the entire article before coming to a conclusion on which monitor to buy. Often what looks good to one visitor may not be so great to another. So even if this article came as a result of our highly educated research, the final choice will be yours. We hope the information provided above is definitely helpful to you.

How To Fix AirPods Not Connecting To Mac – Here Is The Simple Ways To Fix This Type Of Problems

AirPods Not Connecting To Mac

Over the years, Apple has launched some truly remarkable products. From iPhones to iPads to IMacs, the company has consistently excelled in delivering the highest quality products. Airpods have spread like wildfire, occupying the market long after they started with their attractive design and incredible sound experience. Combined with its compact design features, it makes AirPods a best-selling product. AirPods are one of Apple’s most popular gadgets.

Airpods and Macs should be together like Mac and Cheese or at least they should be. Although Apple products are known for their quality and ease of use, that does not mean they are perfect. For example, there are issues that sometimes prevent you from connecting AirPods to other Apple devices, such as your Mac. If your AirPods are not connected to the Mac, you should resolve the issue by following these steps.

How To Fix AirPods Not Connecting To Mac:

  • Force Restart Your Mac
  • Update Your Mac
  • Reset Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Update Your AirPods Firmware
  • Make Sure Your AirPods Are Charged
  • Turn Off Bluetooth on Other Devices
  • Clean the Cases Charging Port

1. Force Restart Your Mac:

Force Restart Your Mac

The first way you can try and fix a failed AirPods connection to your MacBook is to force a restart of your Mac computer. When you forcibly restart your Mac computer, it may remove any bugs or glitches that your system may be experiencing. A forced restart may fix software issues that AirPods may not be connecting to your Mac.

To force restart your Mac:

  • Shutdown Mac
  • Unplug the plug from the socket

After you finish this, you need to turn on your Mac computer again. After you turn on your Mac again, you can try to reconnect your Mac to your AirPods using Bluetooth. If this does not work for you, you should try the next step.

2. Update Your Mac:

Update Your Mac

The next thing you need to do is update your Mac computer. If you’re running on an older OS, you should not be surprised if you encounter problems with Bluetooth connectivity. You need to update your OS so you can avoid any connectivity issues. Bugs are more common in older systems because the longer you use the software, the more likely it is that the operating system will fail. Updates are primarily made to get rid of bugs in the old system and if you look at the many updated features, you will see the term ‘bug fixes’.

To check if you have an update:

  • Click on the Apple logo at the top
  • Click about this Mac
  • You will see a pop up indicating which OS you are on
  • Click on Software Update

Once you’ve done this, you should try to connect your Mac to AirPods and see if the connection works. If you can fix the problem with this step, there is a bug in your Mac computer.

3. Reset Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:

If your Mac still detects your AirPod and cannot connect to it, you can try resetting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios on your Mac. Both radios need to be enabled and working properly for auto-unlock. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your Mac, wait 15 seconds, and then restart them. After you finish this, you should check if the error is gone.

4. Update Your AirPods Firmware:

Firmware is software that is stored on your Airpod and you can update it to get rid of issues such as your AirPods not connecting to your Mac. It is best to keep things up to date as having old firmware can cause connection issues. Your AirPods firmware should be up-to-date and done automatically, but if it is not, you can do it manually using a very simple process.
Before you update the firmware and try to resolve the connection issue, you should make sure that your AirPods are connected to your iPhone. You can check this in the Bluetooth device in the settings.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to General
  • Click about
  • Scroll down and look for your AirPods
  • See the current firmware version

If you want to update them, make sure they are connected to the device first, and then you want to plug the charger into the case and close it. Once this is done you should leave the AirPods overnight and wait for them to be updated. Unfortunately, there is no manual step you can take to update them so you will have to wait.

5. Make Sure Your AirPods Are Charged:

Make Sure Your AirPods Are Charged

One reason why the connection between your Airpods and your MacBook fails is that your Airpods are not charged. If you want your AirPods to connect to devices like your MacBook or MacBook Pro, you need to charge them. If it’s not charging, your MacBook will not establish a connection, so you’ll get a connection error with the yellow triangle. To charge your AirPods, you need to plug in the case and make sure your AirPods are in place. If you keep your dead AirPods uncharged in your case, it means your AirPods are not charging. Once you have charged your AirPod, it can connect to your Mac without having to say the connection failed.

6. Turn Off Bluetooth on Other Devices:

Turn Off Bluetooth on Other Devices

If you have other Bluetooth devices that connect to your Mac or are connected to your Mac, it is best to turn them off. Having other Bluetooth devices ready to be paired so your Mac can focus on those devices so turning them off will make your Mac just focus on your AirPods, which may solve the connection problem you have between the two devices.

7. Clean the Cases Charging Port:

The next thing you can do in this situation is to clean your AirPods charging port. Charging ports are known for sticking fluff and dirt on them, especially if you always keep the case in your jeans and always have padding at the bottom of the pockets. Before you learn how to clean the case, make sure you do not use wet or metal as this can cause a short circuit and will break your AirPods case better.

To clean the charging port:

  • Get a static brush or toothpick
  • Take out the dirt.

After you clean the charging port, you will be able to charge your AirPods as they require a charge to connect to other Apple devices. If your AirPods are not charging, you will not be able to connect them to your Mac.


We have listed some of the best solutions for unconnected Airpods for MAC issues. You can try all of these and eventually find ones that work for you and solve the problem. However, if the problem persists, you can talk to official customer service or have your devices checked and possibly taken to a trusted and authorized Apple technician for resolution.

Why Does Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Keep Restarting – Here’s The Simple Solutions In 2022

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Keep Restarting

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the Samsung devices that attracted a lot of people at the time of launch. However, we can consider this Note 4 mobile as one of the most beloved Galaxy series smartphones. Also, in terms of features, it is an excellent smartphone. But, there are also those who note Note 4 users many times about its problems. One of the problems that come with them is rebooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for no reason. If you are a Note 4 user, you may have encountered such an issue.

So, what is the solution to this resume problem? Is there any solution to do that? Yes! Why not. Here, we have a solution that will definitely help to solve the problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Keeps Restart. Our solutions are divided into a few simple steps that you can follow on your own from the comfort of home. But in order to apply a solution, first, you need to fully understand what the problem is. Let’s take a closer look at why your Samsung is restarting and how to fix it.

1. By Replacing Device:

If you find a persistent restart issue with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, do not take it lightly. This can damage the device in terms of performance and more. So, it will be very useful if you take it seriously. To get rid of the problem, the best solution is to replace the old device with a new one. However, for that, you need to make sure that your device is under warranty.

If your Galaxy Note 4 is under warranty, go to an authorized Samsung Service Center. And, enter your question there. If they find any critical issue on the device, they will provide the new device in a short time. If your device is under warranty, an authorized Samsung Service Center will also assist you. But, at that point, you have to pay for the repairs. Also, you can buy a new device to avoid such questions.

2. Removing the Battery:

Some electrical charges may cause a reboot loop, for this reason, it is a good idea to try a soft reset before doing anything else. All you have to do is remove the battery if you have a removable battery or turn off the device. You may have to wait a while before replacing the battery or turning on the device. We want to scatter any residual charge on the device’s circuitry before attempting another reboot sequence. If this does not work and you find that your Samsung is still in the loop, do not worry, there are still many options.

3. CPU Frequency too High:

By default, the latest Samsung Galaxy S2 is clocked at 1.2 GHz, Galaxy S3 –1.4 GHz, and Galaxy S4 -1. 6GHz, Galaxy S5 -2.5GHz, Galaxy S6 -2.1GHz. Newly purchased phones are also vulnerable to this problem, with the downloaded app and widget not being installed on your Android phone for two days or a week. You may still experience that the Samsung Galaxy will suddenly reboot due to the high CPU frequency assigned.

4. Disturbances in Auto Syncing and Updating:

You will encounter apps, different games, and firmware that are automatically updated or scheduled. You may not know if your firmware is compatible with the installed updates and this may cause the apps to not be able to communicate with your current firmware. This usually appears with Gmail updates and other pre-installed apps. On the other hand, self-synchronization is consistent with updated behavior.

5. Rebooting in Safe Mode:

If our Samsung or Android device is stuck in a boot loop the first thing we need to do is try to access Safe Mode. Safe Mode restricts the device to factory default applications and system data only. If your device is operating in Safe Mode, the Restart Loop notifies us that the application is corrupt. From safe mode, you can reboot the device, the loop may break and be repaired.

To enter Safe Mode, first, turn off your phone. After turning it off, press and hold the power button to make the Samsung logo appear. When the logo appears, hold down the volume up key; The lock screen display menu should appear. From here, select ‘Safe Mode and then ‘Reboot.’ If you are unable to enter recovery mode or it does not resolve the issue, do not lose hope. We still have a few options to try. Next, we will look at two other device modes that allow for a little more control.

6. Factory Data Reset:

The last option is to return to select to reset factory settings and recovery mode. Leave this option for last! Although an effective option, resetting clears all the data you may have saved on your smartphone. Factory reset means the same as when you first bought your phone. It’s great for solving software problems, but not so great for your data. That’s why we always recommend making sure you backup all your videos, pictures, music, documents, and whatever else you don’t want to lose before running the reset. Simply guide back to recovery mode (using the volume up, power, and home button hold variety to join), and select Factory Reset.


This article for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is constantly re-launching and automatically rebooting Android issues, we are researching, testing, and experimenting to find a completely different solution or solution. As we go deeper into the difficulties, we have confirmed that there is no reason for this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to have an error in restarting, there are many reasons like 4-5 for your phone to restart randomly without any prompts or signals. We hope the above solutions help you and give you the appropriate help to keep this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android issue from restarting.

Top 5 Gaming Keyboards Under 100$ In 2022 – According Into Best Reviews

Top 5 Gaming Keyboards

Over the past few years, the interest of children, as well as adults in the gaming industry, has grown rapidly. And the availability of high-spec gaming products at a low price is considered to be the most important reason behind it. Speaking of good gaming peripherals, a good quality keyboard is very important for a gamer to take advantage of their opponent. The gaming market is improving day by day and hence the demand for keyboards is also increasing.

The price of quality gaming keyboards has come down and now you can find them at an affordable price. A good gaming keyboard has many features besides adjustment. Adjusting the keyboard allows you to customize it and meet your gaming needs and preferences. For example, there are some gaming keyboards that come with backlit keys, which are very useful because you can now use the keyboards even in the dark. There are many other features and you will find out about them in this article on the Best Gaming Keyboards Under 100$.

1. SteelSeries Apex 7:

SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is the best gaming keyboard for under $ 100 with many features. It is rigid, comfortable, and has a nice build quality. The Apex 7 TKL also has an OLED screen with a resolution of 128 × 40, which allows you to change the settings without having to slow down the game. In addition to the keyboard, the SteelSeries keyboard provides a magnetic and sturdy wrist rest.

SteelSeries Apex 7

There is a small, clickable scroll wheel in the upper right corner of the keyboard to adjust the computer volume and below the button to pause or play the media you have open. Apex 7 has a TKL USB Passport and there are also channels for cable handling at the bottom of the keyboard.


  • OLED display
  • RGB backlighting
  • Solid aluminum chassis


  • Not waterproof

2. Logitech G512 SE RGB:

The Logitech G512 has a minimalist design with clickable mechanical switches that provide tactile feedback and distinctive sound, but in quiet working areas, they make a lot of noise. It is a full-featured, high-performance gaming keyboard. No extra row of multimedia keys on the top of the keyboard, no phone or tablet holder, and the bezel around the keys is kept to a minimum.

Logitech G512 SE RGB

The Logitech RGB keyboard looks very simple and durable with a brushed aircraft-grade aluminum alloy finish. The Logitech G512 SE comes with a USB port, compatible feature, and is not available on many budget gaming keyboards. Programmable keys and their responsiveness make gamers more satisfying and enjoyable. It is a wired-only keyboard so multi-task can be difficult.


  • Solidly built
  • Customizable RGB lighting


  • Noisy while typing

3. Anne Pro 2:

If you are looking for a more compact and portable mechanical gaming keyboard for under $ 100, Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a great choice. It is an inexpensive small gaming keyboard with a 60% compact design, which saves space on your desk for more mouse movement. The build quality of Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is very good. Keycaps are a double shot with a matte finish. The frame is made of plastic, it is rigid and well built. It comes with macro-programmable keys with RGB backlighting and a variety of Cherry MX, Gateron, or Kailh switches.

Anne Pro 2

Although there are only 61 keys, the key combination allows it to be used as a standard 104-key keyboard. You can use Bluetooth device 4.0 or a wired USB Type-C connection to connect up to four devices wirelessly at the same time. It offers a wide variety of customization options such as assigning macros and customizing RGB lighting.


  • Great build quality
  • Auto-sleep mode
  • RGB backlighting


  • Lacks wrist rest

4. Razer Ornata V2:

The Razer Ornata V2 gaming keyboard is the best gaming keyboard that traditionally looks under $ 100 with non-mechanical switches. It offers excellent performance, great design, and many customization options. It uses mecha-membrane switches, which provide a better typing experience. Dedicated media keys and roller are in the upper right corner. The roller can be used to increase or decrease the volume or brightness. There are two incline settings at the bottom that allow you to set the keyboard at a six or 9-degree angle.

Razer Ornata V2

The three channels allow you to lay the wired cable in three directions. The cable is disconnected and long enough to reach your computer. The Razer Ornata V2 has excellent RGB backlighting. For keys and lighting customization, you need to have Razer Synapse software installed. You can create multiple profiles and program macros in all its keys. There is a good collection of lighting effects, you can apply with a simple click. The Razer Ornata V2 comes with a magnetic wrist rest designed with soft-touch leatherette for maximum comfort during long gaming sessions.


  • Dedicated media keys
  • Comfortable wrist rest
  • Cable routing option


  • Plastic build

5. Redragon K550:

The Redragon K550 is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards for under $ 100. It is packed with features such as double-shot injection molded keycaps, gaming switches with ultra-lost mechanical springs from Redragon, crisp and clear LED backlighting, and highly customizable macros and lighting options. The buttons are beautifully shaped, preventing fingers from slipping from the buttons due to sweat. This keyboard does not take up much space than necessary, thanks to its uniform and compact nature, so do not worry if your table is often cluttered.

Redragon K550

The Redragon K550 has an impressive design. The top plate is made of aluminum with a nice polished finish, while the white, sturdy plastic plate is at the bottom of the keyboard. Redragon Yama supports 12 dedicated macro configuration keys and internal memory for saving settings. The K550 Yama Redragon RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a smart choice as far as budget gaming keyboards are concerned.


  • RGB backlit
  • Detachable wrist rest
  • Sturdy built


  • Macro keys positioning is not good


From the list above of the best budget gaming keyboards for less than $ 100, you can easily find the coolest keyboard that you can play hard or use to type and browse. All of the above keyboards are perfect. All of them are high-quality keyboards with their distinctive positives and negatives so the only thing is to choose the one that suits you best.

Most Popular 4 Gaming Chair Under $200 – Best Buying Guide In 2022

Gaming Chair Under $200

A true gamer will always know how important it is to have a reliable gaming chair. They spend a lot of time in front of the PC so it is important to make sure they are not tired. It offers the best comfort and is usually more affordable than buying the newest gaming setup. If you are an avid video gamer, it’s probably time to invest in a gaming chair. This type of chair offers the perfect balance of comfort and ergonomics, making your gaming experience even more enjoyable.

Thankfully, there are some great PC gaming chairs designed for gamers that offer more comfort and durability during longer gaming sessions. The good news is that they are available for less than $ 200. If you are looking for the best gaming chairs for under $ 200, you do not need to look any further. In this post, we have compiled a detailed review of the top 10 gaming chairs under $ 200. In creating this guide, we have taken an in-depth review of each product taking into account the comfort level, overall design, customer reviews, and many other factors.

1.GTRACING Gaming Chair:

GTRACING Gaming Chair is a high-quality racing-style gaming chair that comes with a highly adjustable offer with a safety angle of 90 to 170-degrees. The chair is available in four different color options, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit your gaming style. The chair is designed to provide extra comfort with sophisticated support and weight distribution for longer working hours. The gaming chair has extra waist and neck support, making it ideal for sitting for many hours.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

Its five-point base is built with smooth and heavy-duty rolling coasters that can be used safely on hardwood floors. Although this gaming chair is extremely comfortable and durable, you still have to struggle with the assembly process. The GTRACING Chair features a Bluetooth device speaker with 6-hour playtime to enjoy music in your chair. All-in-all, this is a great computer gaming chair that works long hours in and out of gaming.


  • Adjustable backrest with more comfort
  • High-quality PU leather


  • N/A

2. Nokaxus Gaming Chair:

Nokaxus Gaming Chair is a high-end gaming chair with a solid build and premium features. It is a height-adjustable and multifunctional ergonomic chair that every pro gamer will love to have. It is made of high-quality PU leather with high-density sponge cushions for a more comfortable experience. The chair has a 360-degree swivel rotation and excellent rocking function.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair

In addition to adjusting from 90 to 180 degrees, the chair offers a vibration massage function to provide you with luxurious comfort while gaming. The chair has large-sized PU wheels that rotate smoothly on solid wood floors without creating noise. It offers a height-adjustable seat and armrests, making it suitable for all types of people. The chair is also suitable for gaming, office work, or watching movies. The Nokaxus gaming chair is available in six different colors and offers a 1-year warranty on gaming chair parts.


  • Massage and footrest function
  • Additional waist pillow for more comfort
  • Large-sized PU wheels to protect your floor from being scratched


  • N/A

3. AutoFull Computer Gaming Chair:

It’s really a high-quality computer gaming chair designed by Autofill, the official sponsor of official games. With an affordable price tag, this chair has many cutting-edge features that make it one of the best gaming chairs for under $ 200. It comes with a reclining seat that bends 90 to 155-degrees. You can also lock it in your comfortable position to prevent your seat from changing. Its adjustable height and seat give you the most comfortable experience while gaming, working, or sleeping.

AutoFull Computer Gaming Chair


The chair is made of waterproof and antioxidant PU leather, along with comfortable pillows to soothe your body from pain when sitting for long hours. The 5-star base rolling castors on the Autofill Gaming Chair feature a 360-degree swivel to run smoothly on your room floor. This gaming chair can handle a maximum weight of 350-pounds, making it suitable for all types of heights.


  • Removable lumbar and headrest
  • Waterproof and fade-resistant build material
  • 25-degree rocking tilting function to provide more comfort


  • A little bit of assembling difficulty

4. Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair:

This is a high-end ergonomic gaming chair designed specifically for Avengers fans and gaming lovers. The chair comes with a pull-out footrest, which allows you to sleep during long gaming sessions or working hours. The racing chair is made of soft and durable high-quality PU leather to ensure comfort. Its five-point rolling casters are heavy-duty enough to run smoothly on your floor without scratches and noise.

Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair

The gaming chair has a spacious seat with a load capacity of 350 pounds, which is suitable for all body types. In addition, the chair has a seat of foam sponges molded with delicate Marvel embroidery and 3D adjustable polyurethane armrests. The chair also has a rocking function and can be tilted 90 to 180 degrees.


  • Noiseless rolling casters
  • Best chair for a tall person
  • Massage lumbar pillow for improving blood circulation


  • Poor assembly instructions


These are the top recommended gaming chairs to buy for under $ 200. So before buying any gaming chair, read the above information and technical specifications to provide product quality. Now you understand the advantages, features, and disadvantages of gaming chairs so you can choose the proper chair for your usage with ease. We hope this guide helps you find the best gaming chair for under $ 200.