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What is the cost per conversion?

When you run Pay per Click advertisement, it becomes easy to measure the clicks your ads have generated, your average CPC, and total spend on any of your given campaign. Conversion tracking enables you to see how many of those clicks lead to conversions. You can divide your total spend by the number of conversions using this information to see how much each new lead costs you.

In Google Ads, you can find it under the “Cost/converted click” column.

Now being in the Cost per conversion domain, following are the three techniques you should know but understand how Google Ad Budget works:

Google Ad Budget:

The budget depends on your industry and the average value of the sale. You can actually determine for yourself whether or not your cost per conversion is reasonable. If the top company sells $20 shoes, a $45.78 Cost per Click signified a serious loss. But if you are an ads contractor and your work is to sign projects of thousands of dollars, then $45 may seem like a negligible amount to pay in order to get a qualified lead.

Pause Your Low Converting Keywords and Review High-Converting Keywords:

If you are new to Pay per Click or an old buff, you should add it in your priority to review your keywords on a regular basis. Although there is a penalty of information about each keyword so you should check first which keywords are generating conversions and which ones are not.

Once you have successfully identified low-converting keywords in your campaign, examine their total number of clicks. If a keyword has only generated 4 conversions than you may consider pausing it. But to begin with, if it only received 10 clicks, that means a 50% conversion rate, which means that the keyword is actually worth keeping in your campaign.

On the contrary, if there is a keyword that has so far only generated 2 conversions out of 2,000 clicks than pausing it will certainly benefit your campaign.

After you have paused the keywords that are not generating reasonable results for your business, there comes some room in the budget to invest in the keywords that are. Using “Search terms” is one of the best ways to do it. This is like using the tab to learn more about how customers are finding your ads and what search terms they are using to get to you.

You will then have a list of the long-tail keywords used by users to get to your ad and converting. Adding these keywords to your campaign can turn into a great opportunity to target leads at an even lower cost.


Negative keywords act as a shield to prevent you from targeting users most unlikely to become your customers, and every Pay per Click campaign needs to have it. If you don’t have any negative keywords in your campaigns than the best can be to add a few basic negative keywords as quickly as you can.

Beyond the basics of every campaign, you need to consider what you are and are not offering in order to find the right keywords for a better sale. For instance, if your business is an e-commerce store that sells women’s bags, you may choose to exclude users searching for “men’s shirts” or certain brand names that you do not count in your field.


Your conversion rate varies if your landing page is not optimized properly. It is important for you to know what a visitor sees when they click on your Pay Per Click Ads? If you run an e-commerce site, then your landing page should be a product or a category page. If you run a Business to Business company, then your landing pages must contain information about your services or some contact details.

Each of your ads must direct users to a landing page, relevant to their search query and your ad copy while directing them the next step they should take to qualify themselves as customers. If you are directing them to your homepage or some irrelevant content, they will have no other way of converting than. That means your Pay per Click budget will be wasted, even if users had intentions of making a purchase.

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How to pick the best Hoverboard under $100?

How to pick the best Hoverboard under $100Now a day’s hoverboards are becoming popular among kids. Every child wants to enjoy riding with one of the best-featured hoverboards. The top two wheels scooter available in the market is costly. If you want to balance a budget by purchasing very cheap hoverboards under $100 then in this article “How to pick the best Hoverboard under $100”, our discussions will ease your dilemma

You can only buy the cheap hoverboard under $100 in bulk on wholesale rates. But if you want only one piece for you then it might be difficult for you to get it. A sturdy UL certified hoverboard with all other inbuilt features costs under $200 and $300, the hoverboards of renowned companies like Razor, Swagtron, and others. These hoverboards are bit expensive but are durable and best in quality material. These best hoverboards also have a warranty of one year given by the manufacturer.

Now the competition is on peek. Many companies in the market are manufacturing the hoverboards at very cheap rates under $100. But the hitch is that these hoverboards are in low quality as compared to high brands and also these hoverboards are not durable or even UL certified.

If you are buying the hoverboards in bulk at wholesale prices then you can check the online Chinese wholesale markets like Amazon, Alibaba and so on. But before buying the product, genuinely check the reviews of the company as well as the quality of the product. Of course, you don’t want to waste heavy money on the cheap products to get stack in short time.

How to pick the best Hoverboard under $100?

There are two options to buy standardized hoverboard at cheap rates which are safe as well as secure for your kids.

The first option is to wait for the holiday’s sale. You can get the expensive hoverboard in sale rates on different sites. Such as Amazon

The second option is to buy a used hoverboard of renowned companies. The used hoverboards that are recertified and refurbished.

The second option is really not recommended because it lacks safety measures and can catch fire or overcharged or can get any fault.

Do the cheap hoverboards with superior performance exist in the market?

Due to the increasing demand of the hoverboards, many companies in the market are manufacturing cheap hoverboards that are low in quality than the best-known scooters in the market.

These two wheel scooters are low in quality and also have an insubstantial body frame. They also do not have some cool features as compared to the reputed brands. These hoverboards are also low in specifications as compared to high rated brands.

The Surfus and the Kingsport’s companies are manufacturing the hoverboards that are under $100.The hoverboard of Surfus Company has the best handling technology and some features of the expensive hoverboards but still, the hoverboards can’t bear heavy weights and they are mostly mini boards practically applicable for kids only.

The king Sports hoverboard is UL certified and is suitable for both kids and adults. It has riding manual. Kids can easily learn to ride this portable device. But it is devoid of the basic riding qualities and some other features like that of expensive hoverboards.

Although these new cheap hoverboards are UL Certified and have a smooth ride, few matching specifications of the renowned hoverboards, still they are unable to meet the high superiority standard. Also, these cheap hoverboards are not as much durable as the luxury brands under $200 or $300.

Which one is the best?

According to the new safety requirements placed in the USA in 2016, the inferior hoverboard under $100 is not safe for the kids to ride. The safest model you can get in the market is under $200. So be a little flexible with the budget and spend your money to get the hoverboard that is at least safe for your kids and has a wide range of specifications and features for a superb and pleasant ride.

Wrapping Up:

Figuring out the best hoverboard under $100 is quite tricky. But I am sure after going through this guide “How to pick the best Hoverboard under $100”, you can grab the best quality hoverboard under $100. Still, if you need more help, check out the top 5 best hoverboards under $100. And grab the one with superior quality performance.

If you have any other query about selecting the right Hoverboard, then let us know in the comment below. Also, follow us to get more geek guide on these models.