5 Totally Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Name

People generally look for a name behind the phone number. They check who is calling or messaging them. But not everyone knows they can look up for someone by their names. You can search for anybody’s phone number just by searching their name and location.

You can get major important details of anyone by searching their names. Try looking for a background checker, if you want to get a complete background detail about someone. 

Reverse Phone lookup is an approach to look for the character of the proprietor by utilizing their telephone number. 

While, sometime in the distant past, we would need to glance through telephone catalogs to check whether this spontaneous guest is unmistakable, however now, Reverse phone lookup is a framework that can help us acquire data connected to a specific telephone number rapidly.

What Information Can You Get Through Reverse Phone Lookup?

Reverse phone lookup is a very powerful function that can give you not only the phone number but also a wide variety of information such as:

  • Phone numbers
  • Background details 
  • Address(s)
  • Social media profiles
  • Criminal records
  • Business specifics
  • Financial records

As you can see, you can find many such details just by entering a person’s name. You just need a good reverse phone lookup tool. There are a large number of reverse phone lookup tools available on the online services that you will definitely get confused about. Some of them even charge you money. 

So, here’s a solution for you. The top 5 totally free reverse phone lookup tools enlisted below:


CocoFinder offers a totally free reverse lookup with name search. This web crawler has an astounding standing. It’s been included by a few famous media channels and is oftentimes applauded for its ease of use.

It allows you to discover individuals by looking through them through their names. Its telephone query can discover the personality, area, and different subtleties of the objective individual. 

It gives information about any objective through an in order index of individuals present in any area with the White pages.

Reverse Phone Lookup

CocoFinder is one of those uncommon administrations that really figure out how to uncover pertinently, forward-thinking information. They pull their ventures from billions of information bases, including openly available reports and exclusive ones. You will get inside and out information.

You can look into telephone numbers totally free. You get data on the telephone client like their name, area, and the current location of the home. You may require a foundation report for more information.

This tool doesn’t follow your own information or store it. Any hunt you make with CocoFinder will be completely mysterious and safe. Further, if you wish, you can reach them and quit having your data being found by their web index. 

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is an individual verification administration that gives a particular person’s openly available report data, which includes email addresses, phone numbers, web-based media handles, and so forth if the individual has legitimate records or criminal records, the tool can likewise show it to you with full accuracy.

 Instant Checkmate

Its user interface is well-designed and intuitive. You can run a free reverse phone lookup search in seconds, and have the information in your hands in the next few minutes. You can access the website from any device, be it your PC or smartphone. 

By Instant checkmate, you can discover lost companions or family members through their telephone numbers. Query administration can save your time by educating you if the individual is a trick or phone call, so you block that contact immediately.

The reverse phone lookup in Instant Checkmate is anonymous and fully confidential. It will give you all the relevant info about that instantly. This includes the name, address, email ID, and location of your caller.

It has a huge database that is connected with a public search record. But rather than providing simple and only a few details about the target, a reverse lookup of Instant checkmate provides detailed information of the target. 

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Truthfinder is a free reverse phone lookup with a name that gives insights concerning an individual through his name, phone number, and place of residence. 


It provides search by name, search by phone number, and search by home address, background check, and white pages. This is one of the most accurate, reliable search engines out there. 

This tool has a good user interface. You can generate a report simply by visiting the website, typing in the phone number, and creating an account. It’s stress-free and fast. The application has a huge database connected to public records, but unlike a public record, Truthfinder provides all the details by a single search.


Intelius is another efficient reverse phone lookup tool that you can use. You can utilize Intelius to get data on any US-based numbers. The tool is fully reliable. 

It fills in as a free site to discover openly available reports of any objective. It gives insights regarding an individual through his name, telephone number, and personal residence. The application has a refreshed information base record that gives instant results about the concerned person.


Most phone lookup services take their data from just open information bases, which can make their information be obsolete or expressly incorrect. 

Notwithstanding, Intelius remembers freely accessible data for its data sets and takes information from the bureaucratic, neighborhood, and state government offices.


Zabasearch an extensive reverse phone lookup service. It has a comprehensive database that provides confidential information including in-depth details about a person.

The app is widely known for providing accurate information about spam or fake calls. Their website is well-designed and easy-to-use. 


The above-mentioned reverse phone lookup with name are the best among all available only and are proven to provide sufficient details about the target by his/ her name. CocoFinder is at the top of the list among the best reverse phone lookup tools. 

It offers great services along with fully confidential and highly reliable information. You must try this tool and get the best out of it. 

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