Top Most 3 Gaming Laptops Under 300$ In 2022

5 Gaming Laptops Under 300$

Laptops require powerful resources to play modern video games, have four cores and plenty of memory, and a less expensive notebook may not have these components. Laptops designed for gaming have colorful designs, powerful hardware and are specially designed to provide a great gaming experience. The main components that run games on a laptop are the processor and video card. Gaming produces a lot of heat, which requires having a powerful processor and cooling system. So it is better to go for the basic model and spend more on the processor and video card.

Game lovers are often worried about budgets because most game lovers or beginner gamers will not be able to afford an expensive laptop. After visiting hundreds of markets and conducting interviews with more than 50 professional gamers worldwide, we were able to compile a list of the best budget gaming laptops for less than 300. Buying a gaming laptop for $ 300 on a budget is a great idea, and here are the picks. We are sharing a complete guide on the best gaming laptops under 300 to determine which gaming laptops is right for you in this budget.

Top Most 3 Gaming Laptops Under 300$ In 2022:

  • Lenovo Chromebook S330
  • HP Chromebook N3350
  • Lenovo G50

1. Lenovo Chromebook S330:

The Lenovo Chromebook S330 from Acer combines the new offer, convenience, and performance from the company. Many low-cost gaming laptops under $ 300 are selling best this year. Additionally, to be constantly updated, this Chromebook has robust security features, 8.5 hours of impressive battery life, and the latest Intel Celeron Haswell processor, so it can provide exceptional computing power when needed.

lenovo chromebook s330

In addition, its 14-inch HD display with anti-glare offers outdoor performance. As a result, the Lenovo Chromebook S330 is sleeker, slimmer, and 30% lighter than its predecessor. As a result, transportation to distant places is exceptionally convenient. The model has 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM, which is not bad for storing a good amount of multimedia files.


  • Sleek design
  • Integrated with a good processor
  • Last longer and durable
  • good for gaming

2. HP Chromebook N3350:

This HP Chromebook is an excellent choice for people who want a big-screen laptop at an affordable price. The Intel Chromebook 14 offers better battery life and a better keyboard on the AMD model. This battery has capable of multitasking and excellent execution. It is perfect for streaming services and work.

HP Chromebook N3350

This Chromebook has 4GB of memory and an Intel Celeron processor, which is enough power for basic tasks. Different games and highly demanding applications will not work on this device. The stylish design of the Chromebook 14 has been enhanced with the latest white color mode, which sets it apart from other Chromebooks. In the center of the lid, the HP logo has a glossy appearance embossed with a rugged texture. It features a brushed white deck, white keys, and a white display bezel.


  • Batteries that last a long time
  • Display with Full HD resolution
  • Keyboard with a comfortable feel


  • Performance that is below average

3. Lenovo G50:

Budget Lenovo Laptop G50-80E30181US that offers great value for money. This laptop is priced at less than $ 300 and the AMD A8-6410 lower mid-range processor makes it great. The Radeon R5 integrated graphics make the CPU an excellent choice for web browsing, casual gaming, and multimedia playback. In addition to the 6GB RAM, the Lenovo G50 is powered by an AMD A8-6410 quad-core processor. It was able to run a full system scan while running Chrome with dozens of open tabs and the camera app open.

Lenovo G50

It has an inexpensive look depending on the Lenovo G50 80E30181US price tag. The deck, bezel, and case are made of black plastic. It measures weighs 4.63 pounds and 10.43 x 15.12 x 0.98 inches. In our list of budget laptops, the Lenovo G50 is one of the smallest models. This laptop has a 15.6-inch HD (1366 × 768) display, which is within its price range. The average brightness on the screen is 238 nits. Its subpar sound quality is a disadvantage of this laptop.


  • The design is lightweight
  • Hard drive storage is sufficient and relatively fast
  • This is a good deal for the price


  • Batteries last too long
  • Keyboard not responding


Cheap gaming laptops come with a lot of memory and many features such as powerful Intel Core processors or integration with Intel HD graphics cards, so keep this in mind when buying the best gaming laptops under 300$. There are some inexpensive gaming laptops. Demonstrated in this guide with long-lasting batteries. You can also find four gray gaming laptops that you can use for regular gaming and basic games. The fact remains, these are the cheapest laptops. If you are looking for the best gaming laptops, you will not regret choosing the computers on this list, but your budget will be tough.

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