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Best Studio Monitoring Headphones Under $100

best studio headphones under $100

If you have a music studio, you probably need one or more than one good studio monitoring headphones to keep your workflow going. However, if your budget is under $100, that’s when things get complicated. It is so easy to end up with products that do not fit your needs at all. So, we made a list of the best studio headphones available under $100 & we have selected models for people with different needs.

Best Studio Headphones Under $100

Okay so, we have a few options here. We tried to keep this list short & also versatile. So, depending on what kind of music production you’re into, pick the one that fits best for you.

Audio-Technica ATHAD700X

Price: $91.25

The ATHAD700X from Audio-Technica is an excellent choice for professionals who want a good pair of headphones for studio monitoring. It has large 53mm drivers & the audio output is excellent for this price segment. It’s an open-backed style headphone & it has great balance in highs, mids & lows. This one, however, focuses on the treble too so, it actually sounds pretty good.

Buy the Audio-Technica ATHAD700X on Amazon

Sennheiser HD 280 PRO

Price: $99.95

Sennheiser has refreshed its HD 280 PRO & it’s pretty good actually. This one is a closed back type so, people looking for that might be interested in this one more. However, the HD 280 PRO does better with EDM. So, if you’re into creating electronic music, this one might be better for you compared to the ATHAD700X. It also has a pretty balanced & clear sound so, that’s in check too.

Buy the Sennheiser HD 280 PRO on Amazon

Shure SRH440

Price: $99.00

If you don’t like the Sennheiser HD 280 PRO because it’s more focused on EDM, then the Shure SRH440 is the one for you. It is closed back too & it is focused on home & studio monitoring. It’ll be better for vocals & solo instruments compared to the Sennheiser. It has a pair of 40 mm drivers & the vocals, the highs-mids-lows are pretty balanced too. However, the Audio-Technica ATHAD700X does slightly better than this one in most instances so, go for this one only if you prefer the closed back design.

Buy the Shure SRH440 on Amazon

Philips SHP9500

Price: $79.50

The Philips SHP9500 is a great pair of headphones. It’s a semi or partially open back type & it has large 50 mm drivers. The sound quality is pretty good we have to say. It’s quite a bit cheaper than the previous two & it the sound feels pretty clear & balanced too. It is also pretty comfortable on the ears. No, it’s not going to blow the Audio-Technica ATHAD700X away, any day but, for the price, it’s definitely amazing.

Buy the Philips SHP9500 on Amazon


Price: $64.79

The AKG K240 STUDIO is the cheapest option we have on the list. It is also a semi-open back type but, it’s opening isn’t as much wide as the Phillips SHP9500. However, these are still excellent sounding headphones for this price. It has clear vocals & even if you want to monitor instruments like guitars & synthesizers, it should do a pretty good job.

But the AKG K240 STUDIO on Amazon

Those were our recommendations for the best studio headphones under $100. If you have any specific questions or queries, please let us know in the comments section below.

[Note: Prices as of on 28/06/2019]

Best Serum VST Plugin That You Can Use For Editing Your Music

Best Serum VST Plugin

First of all, the serum is a synthesizer plugin that is created by Xfer. Whereas, the serum has quickly become the most successful software synthesizer for music production after its release. In fact, it is easy to use and high quality makes it the best synthesizer among all the software. Serum plugin features provide a visual and creative workflow-oriented interface that makes creating and altering sounds fun instead of slow. In this article, you will find details about the best serum VST plugin.

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Serum Plugin Pros and Cons

1. Pros

  • It has a very powerful wavetable synthesis
  • This plugin is very easy to learn and interesting to use
  • It offers a limitless modulation options
  • It is easy to learn for beginners

2. Cons

  • It puts a load in the CPU which lead to slow processing
  • Built-in preset is weak

List Of Best VST Plugin Presets

There are two presets in the Serum plugin one is paid presets and another one is free presets which will find below in this article.

Paid Presets

  • Audio Mode: This is a mode with high-quality audio loops, presets, and general dopiness.
  • Plugin Boutique: This pack includes 233 presets created by W.A. Productions. Whereas this pack can be used as starting periods for your productions, learning tools, or fully-fledged out presets made for your use.
  • Loopmasters: Loopmasters pack comprises of  22 bass presets, 16 drums presets, 13 synth presets, 6 FX presets, 6 pad presets, 6 sequence presets, 5 mids presets, 4 lead presets and 2 keys presets.
  • Cymatics: Cymatics includes 4 gigabytes including 185 Serum presets and 6 project files.

Free Presets

IF you are not interested in buying or paying for the paid preset pack. Below you will find some of the favorite free paid presets.

  • Bass Gorilla: It has a large amount of free presets. There are 86 free presets available online. Click here download.
  • Gravitas Create: Gravitas Create Allow 120 presets.
  • Cymatics: Excluding paid presets cymatics also have lots of free presets.
Best Music Recording Microphones For Home And Professional Studios

Best Music Recording Microphone

Choosing a good music recording microphone isn’t easy. Especially when you have so many options at so many different prices. It’s normal to get confused a little. However, we have already shortlisted the best music recording microphone options for you so, you don’t have to fall in that situation anymore. So, let’s get started,

Best Music Recording Microphones For Home & Studios

Here are the microphones that we think are the best for music recording purposes. We have comparatively cheaper to quite expensive options so, regardless of what you’re looking for, you should find a good match.

Audio-Technica AT2035

Price: $149.00

The Audio-Technica AT2035 is a great value when it comes to recording clean vocals. It doesn’t cost a fortune & it can record some really clean vocals. It also has an 80 Hz High-pass filter which is pretty cool. Now, if you want to record instruments, it does pretty well with Guitars & stuff like that but, it’s not the ideal solution for Drums and similar kinds of instruments.

Buy Audio-Technica AT2035 on Amazon

Sennheiser MD421 II

Price: $379.95

This one costs more than double of the AT2035 & it brings a lot more to the table. Vocals are good and Guitars & other string instruments do pretty well on this one too. However, this one does handle Drums, Tabla & other instruments like that pretty well. If you’re simply looking for a microphone that can do a lot then, spending the extra money on this one will be worth it.

Buy Sennheiser MD421 II on Amazon

AKG C214

Price: $359.00

The AKG C214 is slightly cheaper than the MD421 but, it’s a good alternative option to that one. It is slightly better for vocals compared to the Sennheiser but, for the instruments, it may lose by a few points. Now, it definitely depends on your personal preference & needs for which one you should go for but, this one is pretty great too.

Buy AKG C214 on Amazon

Rode NTK

Price: $529.00

The Rode NTK is way more expensive than the Sennheiser & that can be justified. This mic is made for super professional studio recordings. This the kind of mic that you’ll see being used in the professional music industry so if you’re going with this one, you need bigger reasons. This one has excellent vocals & is built for artists. Most of the mics in its category cost way higher but, this one literally competes head-to-head with those higher priced mics. You can do instruments with this one as well but, you can get the cheaper options in case you’re looking for just that.

Buy Rode NTK on Amazon

Neumann TLM 102

Price: $699.00

Now this Neumann TLM 102 is the answer to those who think that they want something better than the Rode NTK. In Vocals, they actually get very very close but, Neumann will take the trophy home by just a slight margin. You don’t need it until you want a Neumann or you still want to get that little bit of extra over the Rode. This one is also the most expensive option that we have on our list.

Buy Neumann TLM 102 on Amazon

So those were our recommendations for the best music recording microphones. Which one do you think will work best for you? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

[Note: Prices as of on 28/06/2019]

Best Headphones Under $200 – Wired And Wireless Headphone Recommendations

Best Headphones Under $200

To find the best headphones under $200, we had to make sure that we have different variations of headphones. Hence, we have included wired headphones & wireless headphones. So, regardless of what you’re looking for, you should find exactly what you’re looking for. Okay, so these are the ones we ended up with,

Best Wired Headphones Under $200


Audio-Technica ATH-M60x

Price: $199.00

The M60x is the successor to the M50x which is already an amazing headphone. It has the same 45 mm drivers as the M50x. So, the sound quality is excellent. It has a slightly better build quality, better earcups for improved comfort, better sound isolation. You can use the M60x for listing to music but, it can also be used for studio monitoring. It’s actually a great option for audio professionals.

Buy the Audio-Technica ATH-M60x on Amazon

Bose QuietComfort 25

Price: $177.99

The Bose QC 25 is a great headphone under $200. It has excellent sound output as you’d expect but, it also has great noise cancellation. Now, the noise cancellation is definitely not as cool as the QC 35 but, for the price, it’s actually pretty good. It has great drivers, nice build quality & it’s comfortable on the ears. There is also a microphone built into the module in the wire so, taking calls is possible. So, for someone looking for a nice pair of good mainstream wired headphones, these might be a better option.

Buy the Bose QuietComfort 25 on Amazon

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Best Wireless Headphones Under $200


Sony WH-CH700N

Price: $198.00

The WH-CH700N from Sony is arguably one of the best over the ear wireless headphones under $200. It has a great audio signature which is kinda mandatory in this list. However, the addition of Active Noice cancellation makes this one even interesting. The Bluetooth version on this one is 4.1 & it also supports NFC for one-touch pairing. There is a built-in microphone for taking calls. Overall, it’s a pretty compelling package under that $200 price point.

Buy the Sony WH-CH700N on Amazon

Jaybird X4

Price: $99.99

If you’re looking for an in-ear style headphone, the Jaybird X4 is literally the best option you can get on the market right now. It costs 100 dollars which is awesome for what it is offering. The Bluetooth version is 5.0 & there is IPX7 waterproofing. The battery can go up to 8 hours on a single charge & if it goes out, the X4 also supports fast charging. The sound signature is also amazing so, this is the wireless in-ear style headphone that we will recommend to you under $200.

Buy the Jaybird X4 on Amazon

Did you find what you were looking for or you have some more specific requirements? Let us know in the comments section below & we’ll definitely help you out.

Cheap Subwoofer That You Can Buy Online In 2019

Cheap Subwoofer

If you are a music lover and like to listen to loud and good quality songs. Then the subwoofers are the best option to add in your music system. Basically, Subwoofers are designed to produce low-frequency sound to high-frequency sound. It also adds the extra bass to whichever music you are listening to. For buying the best subwoofers, you don’t have to invest a large amount of money. Whereas, subwoofers also available at a low price point. In this article, you will find details about cheap subwoofer which you can buy to give your music a soul.

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List Of Cheap Subwoofer

1. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Subwoofer

If you want to give your home a bassy punch then this the best subwoofer you can buy. This subwoofer has an inbuilt adjustable Bass-boost equalizer which enables you to easily adjust the bass. The Rockford Fosgate P300 features a durable exterior that can resists bumps and shakes to make it even more reliable.  This subwoofer is a 12 inch packed and sealed with a capacity of 300 watts amplifier.

Click here to buy Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Subwoofer

2. Pioneer TSSWX2502 10-Inch Budget Sub Woofer

Pioneer TSSWX2502 is packed with a total 300 watts amplifier which produces a good bass. This subwoofer is made by a hard material so you don’t have to worry about it scratches. It has an amazing frequency range of 20Hz to 125Hz which can produce an amazing bass drop moment. Whereas, it has a larger surface which allows air to flow easily and produces a good quality sound.

Click here to buy Pioneer TSSWX2502 10-Inch Budget Sub Woofer

3. Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer

By the name, Polk audio is well known for audio and single powered woofers. Polk subwoofer vents make a good bass response, reduces turbulence, noise, and distortion. The subwoofer automatically powers down after 15 minutes of inactivity to reduce energy consumption. In fact, it provides 300 watts of continuous power and capable of up to 460 watts It has a frequency range of 23 – 160Hz which is highly considerable for subwoofers.

Click here to buy Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer

Best Small Office Printer Options For Your Business

Best Small Office Printer

Business entities often prefer bulkier ink-tank printers which have lower printing costs. However, in case you’re looking for something different or compact instead, have a look at our handpicked recommendations & choose the one that covers the needs of your organization, the most. We have divided the options into different categories so, it’s easier to find the right printer for the right purpose. so these are the best small office printers that you can get for your business.

Best All-in-one Compact Office Printer

This category is for compact all-in-one printers. We actually have selected two models for this category. Both of these are aesthetically pleasing & they actually do the job pretty well. Here are the recommendations for this segment,

Canon iP8720

The Canon iP8720 is the most generic looking inkjet printer in our list. It doesn’t have any flashy features or anything but, it does have built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet support & of course USB support. So, Wireless Printing is possible if you want to use that. It supports both Windows & macOS so, it doesn’t matter which of these ecosystems you use in your office, it’s gonna work just fine. It also has & 6-ink color printing system & it can print up to 13″ x 19″ photos.

Buy the Canon iP8720

HP OfficeJet 250

The HP OfficeJet 250 has slightly more features like a tilt-up LCD touch screen for example which stays hidden while the flap is closed. However, unlike the iP8720, it prints only up to 8″ x 10″ photos.  The biggest upside of this one is the fact that it’s a portable printer so, you can charge it, unplug it & use it anywhere in the office. The charging time is about 90 mins when the printer is switched off. It is also subtle & compact so, it’s actually a great option in this category.

Buy the HP OfficeJet 250

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Best Color Laser Printer

Most of the laser printers are monochrome but, in case you want a colored laser printer, we have a great option here,

HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw

The M281fdw from HP is a great laser printer overall. It is comparatively small & compact in its segment and also pretty convenient. There is a large 50-paper document feeder with support for 2 sided printing. It does 22 pages per minute for both monochrome & color printing. There is also a color LCD screen built-in for controls & stuff. It has built-in Wi-Fi & Ethernet support as well.

Buy the HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw

Best Monochrome Laser Printer

If you’re looking for a good old Monochrome laser printer, then this one should be good for you,

Brother HL-L2350DW

The HL-L2350DW from Brother is undoubtedly one of the best Monochrome printers out there. It has a paper storage capacity up to 250 sheets, which is awesome considering its small form factor. It is also faster at 32 pages per minute. It has support from Wi-Fi & USB. So, wireless printing is possible but, sadly no ethernet support in this one. If you need a laser printer but, don’t need color printing support, this is really a great option to pick up.

Brother HL-L2350DW

So, those were our top picks for the best small office printer options for your business. Did you find what you were looking for? Let us know in the comments section below.

Best Headphones For Sleeping That You Can Buy In 2019

Best Headphones For Sleeping

The more the silence in the room the better you sleep. So, Sometimes listening to your favorite music while sleeping can also give you better sleep. Whether its the noise of your sleeping partner or the noise of the outside disturbance can disturb your sleep. Better sleep can relax your mind and body pain. In this article, you will find details about the best headphone for sleeping that you can buy for yourself in 2019. Also, we will guide you through the best sleeping headphone headphones.

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Below Are The List Of Best Headphones For Sleeping

1. Bose Quiet Comfort 20 Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you want to prevent external sounds from disturbing your sleep then Bose will be the best option which you can use. Noises such as external sounds, neighbor sounds, traffic noises, sleeping partner snoring can be blocked. There are three types of earplugs options available, you can choose from the right one which will fit in your ear canal.

Click here to buy Bose Quiet Comfort 20 Noise Cancelling Headphones

2. Acoustic Sheep Sleep Phones

It is most comfortable for side sleepers and it is available in two versions wired and wireless. Whereas, this band fits perfectly in the head that does not feel tight or uncomfortable. The sound quality of the product is very good among the other products available in the market. Also, it gives an extra warmness to the ears in the winter season. They are comfortable to wear throughout the night and it is very easy to clean.

Click here to buy Acoustic Sheep Sleep Phones

3. Cozy Phones

Firstly, the speakers are thin and flat compared to another headphone available in the market and it is cheaper in price. So, if you are a side sleeper then they don’t put too much pressure on your ear throughout the night. In fact, the inner material which is used to make prevents overheating in the ears. You will also get various color options in this product.

Click here to buy Cozy Phones

Best Bass Headphones To Buy In 2019

best bass headphones

Looking for the all-around best bass headphones available? You don’t need to spend time on online research anymore. We have already selected the best options available from trusted brands & listed them down for you. So, all you need to do is, check the list below, make a decision based on your needs, get the headphones & start listening. Interested? Well, keep reading!

The Best Bass Headphones – 2019 List

Before we start, we just need to make one thing clear. The headphones that we listed here aren’t cheap. They aren’t super expensive but, they do cost around that $100-$150 price segment. All right let’s now jump into the recommendations.

Sony MDR-XB950AP

The Sony XB950AP is the cheapest option we have on this list. It costs $99.99 & it is an excellent value for the money. It has 40mm Drivers & an excellent audio output. Now coming to the Bass part, these headphones have an excellent Deep Bass which really sounds amazing in the ear. The Highs-Mids-Lows are well balanced too. For this price, the MDR-XB950AP is definitely a great option.

Buy the Sony MDR-XB950AP on Amazon

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Raising the budget a bit, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is selling for $138.84. This one does have excellent Bass like the Sony but, in addition, it has excellent depth throughout the audio. It is also a studio monitoring headset so, the details are super crisp. It also has larger 45mm Drivers. So, you can use it for regular listening or studio monitoring in case you’re a professional.

Buy the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x on Amazon

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

Going to the Wireless segment, our top recommendation will be the Skullcandy Crusher. It costs $109.00 & it has some great features built in. It has something called Adjustable Haptic Bass so, as that suggests, you can literally tune the bass levels in this one as you like. This one also has 40mm drivers like the Sony & the Audio output is pretty great. Considering it’s a Bluetooth headphone, the performance is rather impressive at this price point. Skullcandy also claims up to 40 Hours of Battery Life so, that’s great & it also supports fast charging. If you’re looking for a wireless option, go for this one.

Buy the Skullcandy Crusher on Amazon

Those were our recommendations for the best bass headphones for 2019. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, feel free to ask us any questions about the products mentioned above.

[Note: Prices as of on 25/06/2019]

Best Ergonomic Keyboard Options That Are Comfortable To Use

Ergonomic Keyboards are all about productivity, efficiency & comfort. People looking for these keyboards know what they’re getting into & generally, these people are working professionals but, maybe not every one of them. Whatever the reason might be, if you are looking for the best ergonomic keyboard options, you’re in the right place. We have already done the research & listed down the top ergonomic keyboards for you.

Efficient & Comfy Ergonomic Keyboard Options

These are the top ergonomic keyboards that are quite comfortable & efficient. So, all of these are excellent for productivity but, you need to choose exactly what to need so, choose wisely. However, just to clear things up, all of these keyboards are wireless.

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is arguably one of the best options available right now. This is the best looking option we have here with the generic surface design language & the Alcantara fabric on the wrist rest. The keys are separated & the empty area is slightly lifted to give a more comfortable typing experience. It works on Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy & is compatible with all Windows computers. It’ll work with macOS but, there are pretty huge limitations so, we don’t recommend using it with a mac.

Buy the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard here

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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Many people don’t like the keystrokes & key travel of the Surface. They might prefer more traditional keys while keeping a similar design aspect. That’s exactly what the Sculpt does. It has more traditional keys & regular key travel which is perfect for the people I was talking about. It also has a separate number pad that you can use only if you need it. If you fall into that category of people, you may consider getting the Sculpt instead.

Buy the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard here

Logitech K800 Wireless Keyboard

If you don’t want an irregular design language but, still would love to have a comfy ergonomic keyboard, you can have a look at the K800 from Logitech. It’s a regular flat style keyboard with an added wrist rest area. The keystrokes feel good & it also lights up which can be controlled directly from the keyboard. If you’d like to have a flat keyboard instead, this is one of the best options to go with.

Buy the Logitech K800 here

Those were our top recommendations for the best ergonomic keyboards that are efficient, productive & comfortable. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, in case you’ll like recommendations for something else, don’t forget to mention that in your comment.

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds That You Can Buy Right now

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Sometimes you will need a bit more privacy for the noisy conditions included in your daily routine. But, if you’re going to be carrying your headphones frequently, to isolate you while traveling or working out, then you may want a bit more powerful portable noise canceling earbuds. They are way more compact, portable, and many of them are more comfortable for longer listening sessions. Whereas, noise cancelling earbuds are the best solution for the best isolation. In fact, some of the headphones does not need an external noise cancelling earbuds. In this article, you will find details about the best noise canceling earbuds that you can find online.

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List Of  Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

1. Plantronics BackBeat Go 410

The noise-cancelling Bluetooth earbuds deliver just the right balance between comfort, convenience, performance, and affordability. Whereas they’re earbuds, it takes less space in your bag than over-ear-style headphones, but the smaller size also means shorter battery life than the larger headband headphones. The Plantronics earbuds deliver extremely good sound providing solid noise cancelling, excellent comfort, Bluetooth, and effective design, all at an affordable price.

Click here to buy Plantronics BackBeat Go 410

2. Sony SP600N Wireless Earbuds

First of all. these wireless Earbuds are specifically designed for sports but we consider you can get away with using them anywhere. In terms of features, it is a mixed bag but the performance was very good so we decided to go ahead and list it. On the other hand, the price is quite high putting it dangerously near Bose territory and the battery life is also good it playbacks up to 6 hours of battery life.

Click here to buy Sony SP600N Wireless Earbuds

3. Sony On-Ear Headphone 2 WH-H900N

The Sony On-Ear Headphone 2 Bluetooth headphones sound balanced and natural and they are really comfortable to wear for hours, which is important if you are stuck on a long flight or in a noisy office. Whereas, the battery life of this headphone is extremely good of a 25-hour battery life.

Click here to buy Sony On-Ear Headphone 2 WH-H900N