Chinese Beats Bluetooth Speaker BE-13 Review

Chinese Beats Bluetooth Speaker BE-13: I just came across this replica of the Beats Bluetooth Speaker. This not the original Beats, but a Chinese product. This Bluetooth Mini Speaker is a high performing with low-frequency dynamics. You can play music with TF card, audio input, and also through PCs and Laptop. This Bluetooth speaker is really cheap. It cost me around INR: 1,400 (Hike in price with a better-upgraded version) i.e. USD $9 (discontinued).

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Chinese Beats Bluetooth Speaker BE-13 Specifications:

Bluetooth 2.1 +ERS
Transmission Distance 10 meters
Output 3W
Frequency 100Hz – 18, 000Hz
Speaker 4 Ohms
Input Power DC 5v

Chinese Beats Bluetooth Speaker BE-13 Features

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity
  2. Memory function. Resume playback
  3. Inbuilt titanium battery
  4. High Frequency Speakers (It make the sound more natural)
  5. Supports 3.5mm headphone jack
  6. Built-in microphone
  7. Phone calling support

Chinese Beats Bluetooth Speaker BE-13 Design & Features (5/10)

They have made it very simple. This Bluetooth Speaker measures a width of 10.39mm and 2.16mm in height respectively. It has a smooth texture and is easy to use. You can play mp3 with the following 3 connectivity options:

  1. DC 5V/USB
  2. TF
  3. Aux (3.5 mm jack)

This wireless speaker can run for 4-5 hours. When the battery get’s low you will realize it by its decrease in the volume. The only thing that I didn’t like was, the material quality it is built with. The material used to build this speaker is quite cheap. But, on the context of the price range it’s affordable and worth buying.

Sound: (7.5/10)

Talking about speakers, Sound is what people are looking for. This Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is good in sound. When you increase the volume full up, you start getting a disturbing sound and it is because of the Chinese quality speaker in it.

The speaker installed is of a cheap quality, but it really gives you a good output. One of the glitches that cannot be ignored is the speaker being with high treble. But, looking at the overall quality, material, sound and price, I would personally say yes to this.

How To Operate Chinese Beats Bluetooth Speaker BE-13?

I think you would like to know is, operating this. Here is the total guide that will help you to know operate this Chinese Bluetooth Speaker.

  1. To Switch It On and Off: Long press on the power button for few seconds to boot up and shut down.
  2. Play and Pause: Single press on the power button to play or pause the music.
  3. Next And Previous: Single press on the “>>” button for next and “<<” for the previous song.
  4. Volume Up And Down: Long press the “+” button to increase the volume and long press the “-” to get the volume down.
  5. How To Pair With The Bluetooth Device:

Definitely, you will want to connect the device with your gadget to listen to the songs loud. To do that Just follow the two simple steps:

  1. Turn on the Chinese Beats Bluetooth Speaker BE-13.
  2. Being Default mode to Bluetooth, you just have to turn on the Bluetooth in your phone and connect it to the device.

Now you are good to go with this amazing Bluetooth Speakers. If you have liked the product or want to know more about it, feel free to ask us.

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